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Keep your Past Closer but Cautiously.

Most of the time we hear people, specifically motivational speakers, telling us to forget our past. Or rather, some say that we should use our past as a stepping stone to our future. As lessons!! But I have another thought about the same. I say, keep your past closer but be cautious. about it.

We are always growing, in different ways, I believe. You are not the same person you were a decade ago. You have learned so much and most of these lessons are attributed to past experiences. This is true, right?

I believe it is. My past is one that gives me goosebumps every time I reflect on it. I’m sure yours is too because most, if not all, of us, are on an elevation path. Truth be told, I suffered a great deal back in the day. At some point, getting a decent meal was a hustle. I’m not talking about a balanced diet, I mean the simplest meal comprising of rice and kale.

Half a decade later, I can afford an above-average meal. At some point, I might think that it’s typical to order a large size pizza and a bucket of Kentucky Fry Chicken. But in the middle of the meal, I remember this was once a dream. This really humbles me.

This thought forces me to show gratitude and remain humble irrespective of the table I am able to set. Consequently, keep your past closer but be very cautious about how it impacts your life. In my case, my very unpleasant past regenerates my fighting spirit. I wake up every day with a purpose in life because I have had a taste of the other side of success.

Today you might be struggling. But tomorrow, the then struggles will yield something beautiful. Something you had never dreamt of before.

A few days ago I shared two pictures of myself on my Instagram stories. Feedback from most people, especially people who did not know me a few years back, said that it was my look-alike and not me. But it was me!

I spent the last five years burning the midnight oil acquiring any and every skill I found at my disposal. I did not know why I did it at the time but I had nothing better to do during my free time. At the time, I was broke, and typically, broke people have no social life. You rarely have friends if you don’t have money to spend or lifestyle standards to share.

Long story short, I had nothing but time and free wi-fi at the campus’s multi-purpose hall. So I just focused on learning, acquired knowledge, and skills that have yielded years later. Most importantly, that same past with nothing but time and the internet has kept me going. I prefer staying indoors with my family and learning new skills rather than ‘enjoying’ the company of strangers with the presumed same social class as me. I have very little regard for social class, I value people who work hard and give few or no excuses for not offering their best.

I’m not successful, but I believe that one day I will be. And when that day comes, I will share the same reality, I kept my past closer but very cautiously.

Till next time, Adios.

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Keep your Past Closer but Cautiously.

Most of the time we hear people, specifically motivational speakers, telling us to forget our past. Or rather, some say that we...

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