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What Guys Need in a Lady-My Perception

In most cases, ladies are always debating over what guys need in them. In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience in marriage and parenthood. More specifically, I’ll be addressing what guys need in a lady. This is my perception and I’m not in any way a representation of any gender but sharing my personal perception. I hope you find it worth the read.

I became a hubby at a quite early age. Yes, you read it right! A legal hubby. I also became a responsible dad at a quite early age. I tend to believe that this has made me the best version of myself. A better man, a more intelligent and responsible man for everything that it’s worth. But, right to the topic, what did I need in a lady.


Every man needs to brag about their wife. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! I believe that if a guy approaches you, he finds you beautiful in his eyes. If you (the lady) look closely enough, you will realize the pride in your man’s eyes every time he’s beside you. If he’s not, you probably need to re-think your decision. I, however, believe that beauty is not something that any lady should worry about. Every man has a different description of beauty. Just be yourself and your prince charming will be right there. Right before your eyes ready to sweep you off your feet.

Cognition & Respect

The same way beauty is to every person’s eye, cognition is dependent on you meeting the right person. I believe that a lady should learn to respect her man’s decision. However, they also need to learn to know when he needs a clean pass. A lady should know when her man needs support and when he needs a challenge. Most men are wired to some ‘superiority complex kinda thinking’. But for the sake of love, they also know when they cross the line. Know when he needs a stand and when he needs space to do his thing. The bible says that men are the head of the family right?

Concerning respect, a lady should also know how to best approach her man. I, therefore, implore you to learn about the people you get intimate and in a relationship with. In often cases, hook-ups are the most common reasons for relationships. Probably, you got a clean pass that you thought you didn’t deserve the shot you have with your significant other. But, suck it up, because if you got it, then you deserved it.

I’ll be honest with you. I was once very desperate for love I would find worth in anybody until I found my worth under unthinkable circumstances. Don’t fall for the same. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everybody and recognize their worth! But I also believe that every person seeks and is meant to find worth in their respective counterpart.

Otherwise, the world would be in total chaos.

What Guys Need in a Lady

What a guy really needs in a lady is love and understanding. Love makes the lady appreciate all the man does to prove they do. Every relationship is two-way. The effort each person makes is mutual. It has to be reciprocated, matched, or overdone. This depends on the couple.

Understanding is in terms of the support, more so, spiritual, physical, and financial support. I believe that every man knows their responsibilities and that they only escape when they are afraid. My imploration would be that they should not be afraid because life is self-sufficient provided they offer the needed support or intent to support.

Otherwise, I love every experience of having a wife and a son.


In every way possible, I pictured failure because that is the societal stereotype that most of us in society have been brought up in. But I preferred to change that in my situation. I believe that I’m a genius. Not that I’m special! But because in an attempt to improvise or rather innovate or find a path that works for every situation I always find a viable solution.

Probably it’s some adaptation to being a natural techie and also encountering so many challenges in life. But, I’m also a believer that we are captives of our creativity and that it either builds or destroys you. I chose being built and went for it.

To be honest, what guys need in a lady is very different from what ladies think. They focus on the wrong things, and that’s where they go wrong.

My final advice would be: be yourself. chase your dreams and someday in a matatu from a stressful CAT, you will find your perfect match as I did. basically, live an original life with no pretense and everything will work out for you. I mean, I was the nerd on campus but I finally caught my break. Who’s worse than a nerd? NOBODY. You will catch your break as long as you strive to be unique and good at what you do careerwise. And to the ladies seeking to find love, the highlighted issues are my perception of what guys need in a lady. Adhere to them but also remember, be yourself. Gentlemen admire it the most.

Untill next time, Adios.

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