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1 Thing That’s Robbing Us of Creativity and Quality Time.

Success depends on our ability to be creative. Happiness, on the other hand, depends on our ability to have high-quality time with the people around us. These are two aspects of life, success, and happiness; I yearn to achieve every day. However, both of these things have a common enemy. I believe that smartphones are the one thing robbing us of creativity and quality time. We are spending so much time using these smartphones to access social media instead of engaging in actual communications physically.

A few days ago, I came across a meme of campus students on a bus, and all of them were glued to their phones. The chances are that those in the same class or from the same neighborhood were exchanging messages in WhatsApp groups they had in common, yet they were seated inches apart. What happened to old fashioned communication, talking and sharing ideas verbally?

I have nothing major against smartphones apart from their role in reducing our creativity and the quality time we spend with our people around us. It makes them the one thing robbing us of these fundamental aspects of life.

Reducing Creativity.

We spend so much time on the phones that we at times clog our minds with ideologies/thoughts I call irrelevant. Irrelevant because most times, they prevent us from harnessing our creativity. You might follow like-minded people online, but more often than not, some content that upsets your creative balance is bound to be on your timeline.

What this does is that it distracts you from high-quality thoughts in the context of what you were doing. This reduces the quality of your work and compromises your results.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you been kicked off balance by something on your timeline or newsfeed? I’m almost sure that each of us has experienced this.

Now, do you agree with me that it is the one thing robbing us of creative potential?

The solution is simple; have a designated time to catch up with pals online. It will help you focus on work, harness your creative power and achieve success.

You see, most of the successful careers depend on our ability to identify a problem and come up with a viable solution. Unless you embrace your creativity, you are very likely never to achieve this.

Compromising Quality Time

We make life worthwhile by having people around us and spending quality time with them. Most of us refer to this as making memories. But what happens in most of our get-togethers?

We are on our phones checking out memes and other stories online rather than catching up. Most times, I look around me, and everyone is on their phone. Families now have WhatsApp groups that have replaced conversations in the sitting room.

We are hurting inside, and some of us are suffering from depression, but we all seem okay. It’s because we rarely speak. We don’t know our pal’s or family member’s character because we rarely talk.

We are all victims of this menace if I can call it that. I am a victim also, but I live each day struggling to make physical contact with the people in my circle. It is a tough fight, but for the sake of living a worthwhile life, it’s worth the struggle.

I think we should all attempt to put the phone away and make physical contact. Crack verbal jokes, laugh together. Hug a friend, know how they act when happy, and vice versa. Kiss them if they allow you to do that haha lol.😁😂 At least we ough ourselves that.

These are my thoughts based on my perception of current trends in our society.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Are smartphones the one thing robbing us of creativity and quality time?

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