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Family is Underrated – My Perception

Do I believe that family is underrated? Yes I do, and here’s why.

A year ago, I was a bachelor with so much potential but no purpose. I had a career all planned out and working in favor. But, one thing was for sure, I did not have a definite purpose. Life is not a walk in the park. Once in a while, we encounter frustrations. Most of these frustrations, I believe, are here to teach us to appreciate what we already have. But more often than not, we find them getting to our head, and we destroy what we’ve already built. This was me a year or so ago.

Did having a family change that? Yes it did.

Back then, my demoralization meant taking a break from everything serious in life. I resulted in wasting time and money. spending most of my evenings at the club. I sat alone in a dark corner, two cold beers on the table, presumably thinking about nothing, wasting so much time and money. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I mean, going back to my quiet rental apartment meant being bored to death and stressed out. But with a family, things are different, I spot a change, and for the better.

Life with a family is not easy. But one thing for sure is that it gives you an eternal purpose that never allows you to lose it. I lose my motivation, alright, but I have a significant and viable way of escaping my woes for a moment and re-strategizing. Shutting down all my devices and watching football and documentaries with my wife and son does the trick. This way, I relax and find better ways of going about different challenges careerwise, and it always works.

My aim in this post was to challenge most stereotypes against having a family. Stereotypes in society regarding young families have made many decent ladies in our community single mothers. Most guys out there think that by abandoning that lady will give you more time to work on your career, and I believe it to be the worst illusion. The ill-advised assumption that family is overrated has prevailed among most youths. I say this with utmost sincerity because having a family has made me more objective than ever. It has worked for me, and it might not work for you, but you never know until you try.

All I can promise you is that sometimes things happen to challenge you. You might see it as a great challenge and think of yourself as an unworthy opponent. I can assure you that if the challenge chose you, the odds are on your side, and you are very likely to outdo it. Family is underrated! While most people think of it as a hindrance to many things, its actually a pretty neat thing provided you embrace and abide by it.

Do you agree? Share your views in the comment section.

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Family is Underrated – My Perception

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