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Forest Fires

Every once in awhile, forest fires end life in the jungle. Dry leaves and trees are burnt and any animal that is not fast enough is caught in the forest fires. A few months ago, fires in Australia claimed more than 25 million acres of land. This is devastating, imagining the plants and animals that were either burnt or rid of their natural habitat.

I came across a documentary on Netflix focusing on the earth and the millions of species that exist on the planet’s self-sustaining environment. Surprisingly, forest fires are not as bad as we perceive them to be. I learned that some plant species depend on these forest fires to thrive. Lack of forest fires means that these plant species are threatened to extinction. Months after these fires have burnt leaves to ashes, plants sprout from the ashes and flourish. The forests blossom and they are full of life. Mind you, some trees have even grown thick backs that help them survive high temperatures to forest fires.

It is sad to imagine that some animals die due to these fires. However, months later similar species migrate to these forests because they are productive and have more than sufficient food.

At the time of watching this documentary, I was going through a rough patch myself so it got me thinking. What if my life was a forest and it that time forest fires threatened my existence. Come to think of it, my forest was literary on fire in more than one ways. Did this mean that my life would also blosssom a few months later when the rains set in?

This thought haunted me to extent of mapping out every aspect of my life to the elements in a forest. My friends and colleagues were animals in my jungle. A bad situation in life is accompanied by a bad temper. Similar to a hippopotamus in a pod of mud always engaging in fights until some free in fear of getting killed in the numerous fights. In my situation, my colleagues, friends, or colleagues would free from my toxic tempers or get caught up in the crossfires and the relationship would end for good.

Money was the plants. After the forest fires, plants sprout and blossom. This perception of life got me going through a tough time as I hoped for better days when money or rather plants flourished and nourished me probably bringing in more friends, colleagues and business partners. Funny enough, the odds worked in my favor. Similar to the jungle when a downpour led to flourishing of the plants, I got a few gigs that got me back on track.


The current coronavirus pandemic is the much-dreaded forest fire harassing a self-sufficient environment. We are losing friends and money as our lives tend to crumble (animals and plants in the forests). But similar to forest fires, I think there is a promise of a rainy day coming to save us from touching the ground.

Believe, work and have faith. Whatever you are facing is not permanent. Rather, life is preparing you for a better future.

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