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Mungu Anasaidia

“Mungu Anasaidia,” that’s the response I got. Have you ever saluted your buddy and gotten a fascinating answer? What was it? Here’s mine.

A few days ago, I slid in my buddy’s DM to check upon him. I do this every once in a while. We don’t talk much but we keep in touch infrequently. The reply I got kicked me off balance a little bit. We don’t talk much about our faith in God and we probably don’t think much about it as well. Also, I haven’t been all holy in the past couple of months. The phrase “Mungu Anasaidia! is fascinating but I think the main reason I lost my balance is that I haven’t been very prayerful off-late.

The issue of religion is one I tend to refrain from but well, here we are. I’m a Catholic by birth and I must admit that the stereotype surrounding this religious community is not always positive. We are alleged to be less-religious compared to other protestants but I think faith is personal. However, these stereotypes are in my community so I tend to share them once in a while, especially when trying to run away from the religious arguments.

I believe that we all pray to the same God. But at some point, we think that people around us pray to a different God because they have been blessed differently. So, here I was looking at the “Mungu Anasaidia” message and overthinking. That’s one thing I do best and I don’t mind overthinking a thing or two.

It got me thinking of different thoughts. Do you need to go to church every Sunday for God to help you? I think not. During the time of Christ, he taught people in various places. He performed miracles in different places also. There are very few times he was in a church and the one time I can clearly remember is when he beat and forced people doing business out of the church.

Does that sound familiar? Good!

I think and believe that God is on the side of everyone. Most importantly God is faithful to anyone who truly believes in him and follows in the commandments. Any place can be holy ground. Join hands with your family and give thanks. A think of a church as a place where two or more people come together before God humble and in faith. Holding hands believing and worshipping with my family makes it holy ground.

What started as a two-word phrase in a simple message got me reflecting on the religious perception. It led down a path of great thinking on the current perception of faith.

If saluted, would I give the same response, “Mungu Anasaidia?” Why? Why not? Every day we wake up is by the grace of God. I believe that every time God is helping us and I think we should use the phrase to respond to casual greetings. It’s fulfilling and it reminds us to be grateful that someone cares to check up on us. God uses even the simplest gestures to guide us and I think this simple message was a way of getting me to think about faith.

What do you think?

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