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Let’s take a closer look at the year 2020

A closer look at the year 2020 and everything that made it unforgettable to all of us is met with mixed feelings but also yields shocking revelations. While most people might remain focused on the negatives I’d love to take an optimistic point of view. We lost our friends and relatives to the dreaded Coronavirus. A number of us were rendered jobless due to the consequent economic crash. Most of these things are negative alright. However, they made us stronger.

I feel that most of us might not visualize how losing one’s job or loved one is a good thing, and I agree. But one thing we can both agree on is that it made us stronger somehow. Losing someone we depended on taught us to be independent. Losing one’s job prepared us to get off our @sses and start that business we have always dreamt of.

Separation from our spouses.

Who doesn’t fantasize about a good love story? I know I do and I strive to have one of my own. But a closer look at the year 2020 will prove that so many people went through breakups due to the lockdown that was effected in all parts of the country. I know it hurts like hell drifting from that gentleman or lady you visualized your future with. Believe me, I feel the pain. But love is meant to endure tests such as the test of time.


You can agree with me that the test of time is not the worst a relationship can face. I mean, lets face it! The bitter truth is that if you lost an intimate partner due to long distance, chances are that you would have part at a given point in time. The lockdown might have saved you a great deal of trouble. The heartbreak strengthed you to be a stronger man or woman who’s ready to take on various challenges in life head on, to seek a better partner who would stand the test of time and help you through more challenging life challenges.

Most of us lost our jobs 😪

Finding a job especailly in Kenya is a struggle dreaded by everyone. Most of us therefore safeguard our jobs with our lives and cant imagine loosing our slot. But this year put us and our faith to the test when the economic status forced companies to let employees go. Most of us were rendered jobless, some of us living in the city with our families. To most of us, this seemed like the end, i mean, it’s human to see this as the end.

But it also challenged us to live the bossy lives we had always visualized in our dreams. The hardships created problems that needed solving. To those of us who saw losing our jobs as the end experienced their end. But to anyone who saw it as an opportunity to create their dream job did alright through the rough terrain.


You see, this challenge pushed us beyond our comfort zone to be better people. Arguably, I at times feel that those who were let go were being directed towards a path of independence. It was their destiny, but like my dad always says, destiny must meet choices. Choose that it’s your destiny and it shall be.

How could I forget about school?🤷‍♂️

Most of us visualize completing school at a certain age. I always wanted to be done with high school before i hit eighteen and luckily i did. I know you had something thought out too. But the schedule of all pupils and students was disrupted in 2020. Most of them have been away from their classrooms for more than half an year. I know it sucks but you have to shrug it off. It is hearbreaking but little could be done especially for those in schools without online learning platforms.

Growing up, most children think that everything turns out how they visualized it. But this year has taught most children or rather students that not everything goes as planned. Our parents could only shield us from so much but there’s nothing they could do this time.

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