This is a basic reality check. How many times have you not pursued something because you believed that you were not ready? Many times, right? I did this often until I embraced the fact that I have never been ready for most successes I have had in life. By success, I don’t mean getting the best results, rather completing tasks that seemed impossible before I started.

Preparing and consequently being ready is overrated. Truth be told, you can and will never be fully equipped for situations in life. I have learned this through the various changes in my life over the years.  Now that I look back, I have never been ready for the various steps in life, and I bet you haven’t either. I have a feeling that I speak for a majority of the population when I affirm that we overrate being ready. That’s why I chose to work on raw thoughts or rather ideas instead of waiting, overthinking about them, and often deciding that I’m not ready.

Case Scenarios

For instance, I wasn’t ready to start school. I bailed out on classes so much I had to wait another year before going back to school again. Mind you, this was kindergarten. A few years later, I wasn’t ready for high school, and adapting to these environments needed so much effort. At first, I thought this only happened in constrained environments where we have to follow rules. Then it hit me, life is all about rules. Clearly, I wasn’t ready to start school or continue from one education level to another but I did it anyway. If my parents were lenient, I would not have studied simply because I felt that I wasn’t ready.

During my campus years, I wanted to be successful but I wasn’t ready for what it took to be successful. It required a lot of sacrifices to acquire the knowledge and skills to actualize my dream. A few years later, I graduated from campus and had to pursue a highly competitive career world. But despite being very good at what I do, I realized that I wasn’t ready for it either. It was not just about working and meeting my expectations. I had to report to bosses and write reports. I wasn’t ready for this aspect of my career either.

A few years later, I was a husband and dad. Now, this is what got me thinking about life from a different perspective. It made me question so many things about life. It drove me to this thought about being ready.

I might have been prepared for the various roles and responsibilities I have had in life. But was I ever ready to handle the various situations? Of course, I wasn’t! I prepared for exams but that didn’t mean I was ready for them because I failed severally. I prepared for my career but wasn’t ready for the workplace dynamics. The constraints associated with every career are overwhelming.

Similarly, I was prepared to be a husband and dad but at the time it happened, I was most definitely not ready for these roles but I embraced them anyway. I had prepared to have a life partner to pursue life with but there were certain things I wasn’t ready to pursue yet. But when the time came, I embraced my role and I can promise you I’m rocking the family life. This has changed my approach to different aspects of life.

For instance, I’m no longer afraid of starting things I believe will improve my life. On-campus, I had several business ideas but I was afraid of pursuing them because I felt I wasn’t ready. Currently, I don’t care whether I’m or whether I will succeed or fail. I have embraced the fact that I can never be ready for key things in life.

Instead of overthinking about it, I just do it and learn through experimenting. I have failed terribly but acquired some of my biggest successes by accepting that I will never be fully equipped and just following my gut to pursue different ventures.


It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at different stages in your life. You can prepare for different roles, whether academic, career, or general life. But you can never be totally ready, I mean, I have not been apt on various occasions. And I believe it’s okay not to be ready. Don’t let that hold you back. If you get an opportunity to challenge yourself with something new, take it, and embrace it.

You might feel that you do not have the knowledge and skills. But if you believe you can learn, don’t overthink. Take the opportunity. You will be surprised by what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Do you agree with my opinion? Please add your comment below or on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).

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