I always stay out of politics and avoid taking political stances. But recent developments have compelled me to address the hustler political illusion. I call it an illusion because I perceive it as a way of seeking the citizens’ approval by the association. Most citizens, me included, fall within the middle-income or poor bracket. We can therefore be referred to as hustlers because we are pressing or rather working hard on a daily basis to make ends meet. We are the majority while political leaders are high-income earners from salaries, allowances, and various ventures. Any political leader who associates himself or herself with hustlers is therefore likely of succeeding in their political aspirations.

But is it really the case? Are these leaders really hustlers? Do they work hard as we do daily to make ends meet? I believe not. Well, maybe they work hard in their own way. This means that they are not honest with us and I doubt they are honest with themselves. Can I trust them? Of course not. Should you trust them? Of course not. I live by the principle that anybody who lies to himself or herself should not be trusted at any cost because they are unlikely, to be honest with you.

Leaders have a habit of lying to the masses to get what they want. And they often get what they want and get away with it. I can say for a fact that they are among the wealthiest in the country. It is therefore not right to refer to themselves as hustlers despite their humble beginnings. To better illustrate my viewpoint, let’s walk down memory lane.

The history of taxation – a perfect illusion.

Have you ever wondered where taxes originated and how they came to be? Taxes were first introduced in Britain between 1799 and 1816 against Napoleon. Taxes were later introduced among the Americans between 1861 and 1865 to fund the civil war. However, Britons and Americans opposed tax laws for approximately 50 years before giving in and accepting them. My interest is in why the people accepted these laws.

I regard it as one of the greatest illusions in history. The middle-income and poor people formed the majority of the population then as it does now. These people voted in laws and leaders needed these tax laws to be passed as mandated by democracy at the time. They came up with a way of uniting the masses. The people were promised that tax laws would affect the rich in society. This was in line with the peoples’ believes that the rich should help the poor. The middle-income and poor believed that the rich should be taxed and that money was used to fund government projects.

Tapping into the masses’ wants helped create an illusion and the tax laws were accepted and voted in. Years later, different governments needed money and even the poor were not spared so long as they had an income. But it began with a hustler political illusion similar to the one most people in our good country are advocating. Our political and economic governance structures are closely linked. Since time immemorial, these structures have preyed on the expectations of citizens and later stabbed us in the back. Why should that end now? Can it end now, yet most values are corrupted to the core?

The hustler political illusion.

I believe that the hustler’s political stance is an illusion because it is based on the logic the leaders and the typical citizens sit at the same table. Do you believe that this is the case? I strongly don’t! Let’s face it, hustlers are the majority of the voters. Appealing to this percentage of voters by association is the best way of getting on their good graces. Sadly, the pathos approach is blinding the majority of the people by appealing to their emotions. A logical viewpoint clearly shows that we are not in the same social circle as the self-proclaimed hustlers.

I understand that some of them might have started small or rather from very humble backgrounds. But they have amassed so much wealth and influence over the years. Whether they adhered to moral principles or not, I’m not here to judge. But we have all read the headlines for close to a decade now. Allegations of their immoral behavior in the past. I call them allegations because they have been denied passionately.

But I’m also wise enough to know that if there’s a constant bad odour, chances are that someone has either farted or taken a dump in the vicinity. Click To Tweet

We need change, that’s for sure. But I’m not sure our unanimous ingestion of the hustler political illusion will result in the change we so desperately need. To be honest, I don’t know who the best person for the job if any is. All I know is that we’re are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is what Albert Einstein referred to as insanity.


This is my opinion. You might or might not agree with me and it’s allowed. But just do your due diligence. Read, analyze, and understand before giving your vote based on an inaccurate perception.

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