Growing up, the bathroom was a room I dreaded so much. Several factors attributed to my first perception of the bathroom. In Kenya, especially in the village, most children are bathed in the open. It was always a struggle and to date, I have never understood why our mothers roughed us up so much while bathing us. During my time, my mother used a piece of cloth, very rough cloth to bathe me. Bathing was often a weekend event and I remember engaging in a cat and mouse chase because the experience was not pleasing. On the bright side, at least my mother bathed me using warm water.

It got worse when I became an independent teenager capable of bathing myself. The only problem was that now I had to take cold baths. If I wanted a warm bath, I had to start a fire to warm water and I dreaded this task. This went until later into my teen years. After going to the university where I enjoy cold or warm showers depending on the situation, I have learned to perceive the bathroom differently.

Going to the bathroom for a cold or warm shower is always something I look forward to because it tends to solve all my problems. I am sure most of us can relate that the bathroom really brings out our talents and inner capabilities. How many times have you entered the bathroom and come out a different person? Probably it’s too soon into the article to answer that question but I believe towards the end you will have so much to say.

Everyone is a Musician in the Bathroom.

I can already sense the grin on your face, you smiling sheepishly. I am not a prophet but I can confidently affirm that we all have magical vocals while in the bathroom. Even those who cannot sing cannot resist humming to a song they love while taking a shower.

At some point during my campus years, I had thought about recording music because I believe I could match the likes of Jason Derulo and Trey Songz. Singing in the bathroom every morning before attending my lectures and in the afternoon after returning to my house had made me believe that I could sing. It was until I told my brother about the idea that it crumbled. He savagely burst my bubble by suggesting I should record myself sing and listen. It wasn’t pleasant. I felt heartbroken.

But in the bathroom, my magical vocals always kick in, especially when I get into the bathroom in a good mood. I bet you also develop magical vocals while in the bathroom but after getting out you just can’t sing, right? But how do you feel when you can’t sing afterward? It’s disappointing especially knowing that music is a well-paying career especially in the current age of YouTube and Tik Tok among other platforms.

Problem Solving

We are always facing challenges on a daily basis. I have this crazy hypothesis that a shower solves most of our problems. Every time I’m having a bad day or I’m in bad spirits, I always result to taking a shower. We have different preferences when it comes to showers. Some prefer cold while others prefer hot showers. I prefer mine warm, the water at 37 degrees.

However, you prefer your shower, taking a bath allows one to relax. In this relaxed state, you are able to think clearly about the problem you are facing and come up with a solution. Programmers reading this understand that we dread bugs and they can easily crush our spirits in minutes. Taking a shower has always helped me relax, think about my code, identify probable sources of the bugs, and possible ways of solving the problem. This always works for me.

I hated studying for exams. I always began to doze off minutes after beginning my studies. However, taking a shower always relaxed my body and allowed me to study. Another relatable example was when we dozed off in class and the teachers would tell us to wash our faces. This ‘mini bath’ solved the dozing-off problem for us.

Every time you are having a bad day, take a shower how you like it. It helps you to relax and approach things from a new point of view. It might now always work but I believe it will work most of the time.

Creativity and Birthing Ideas

Every time I’m experiencing a creative block, I strive to take a shower. This is one of the reasons I prefer to work from home where I can enjoy the flexibility of leaving my workstation and heading to the bathroom. Over the years, I have conceived some of the grandest ideas while taking a shower.

In my current career as a content creator, creativity is a crucial aspect. At times, I just can’t conceive ideas and often get so frustrated. Taking a shower always gives me ideas that I later note down and pitch to my clients. Most of the time they are blown away by my creativity and I mumble gratitude to my bathroom.

The idea to write this article was conceived while I was taking a shower. I needed a topic to write about that everybody could relate to and as the water was trickling down my face this idea came up. At times, I read something or hear something but I understand it better when I think about it while taking a shower.

Solves Dry and Irritating Skin

Cells in the body are constantly dying and regenerating. Dead skin cells are often perceived as dry skin. For a guy who is constantly striving to look good, having this dead and dry skin definitely doesn’t look good. Taking a shower gets rid of these dead skin cells leaving you looking amazing and adorable.

The body is also constantly secreting waste products in form of sweat and natural oils. These may accumulate on the skin causing irritation. I have had irritating skin several times and it’s very uncomfortable. I also value smelling good and sweat has a really nasty odour.

Taking bath washes away these waste products on the skin preventing irritation, removes the bad odour of sweat leaving you fresh and smelling nice. It also guarantees you good looks by removing dead and dry skin cells on the skin.


This is a mischievous one but, what the hell?.

The bathroom can also be a fascinating ‘recreational’ place for two intimate adults if you know what I mean (winks). I will leave it at that in case a minor comes across this post. But I know you get where I was headed with that point.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, please share your thoughts in the comment section and share the post (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with your friends because it will not only make my day, it will make my year. Till next time, Adios.

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