My wife is always complaining that I take movie scripts too seriously. But I’m a storyteller and I love interpreting how other storytellers come up with movie scripts. My first encounter with the term “True Alpha” was in the TV show, Teen wolf. I admired the concept and thought that the idea of valuing one’s character should be embraced in our society. Well, four years later, here’s my perception of a true alpha.

I have always believed that the most important thing is one’s character. Character is one thing that molds one person from being a nobody to being an Alpha. The most common perception of alpha is based on one’s strength. The primary misconception is that strength is a physical entity. Well, it’s not. I believe that the greatest strength is one’s character. How they treat other people (pack members).

In either perception of strength, one is respected for the impact he/she has on the surrounding environment. But character development is more important because it holds more power as well as influence. This leads to my definition of a true alpha. A true alpha is a person who achieves both power and influence based on the person’s strength of culture.

Society perception of alpha

The current society does not care about true alphas. We all want to be great and leave a legacy but we often do not consider the cost of this ambition. Well, I do! There have been various trending issues on our different social media platforms concerning our different choices of career and livelihood. All I can say is that we need to change.

My father brought me up to be an upright man and avoid taking what is not mine. But we constantly see influential people in our society being associated with unethical livelihoods that raise concern. Friends are succumbing under questionable circumstances and few people seem to be genuinely concerned. Another person takes their place and they party like nothing happened to one of their own. This is not a true alpha mentality.

I have jump-started a number of circles with different like-minded people sharing similar life goals. My objective is to improve the quality of our lives based on the principle that our network is our network. This is the same mentality shared by a pack. The pack in this case is the entrepreneurial group where “your network is your net worth.”

In the current society, whether you follow ethical or unethical channels, you are praised for what you have. The destination is considered better and happier compared to the journey which is contrary to the true alpha path. We need to embrace that we do not have to steal something from someone to get it. In my opinion, this has been embraced in our society.

Being considered a hustler (poor) gives one a chance to pursue a political position earned from sympathy. After getting the position one focuses on personal gains rather than focusing on benefiting the masses. This is not right but we embrace either way, sad!

Perception of weakness

Similar to the teen wolf screenplay, the youth are perceived to be weak. We neither have a portfolio nor diverse experience in various professional fields so we are often dismissed. This is a mistake because our courage and character are not put into consideration. We have often suffered so much loss and frustration which acts as our source of inspiration and motivation. But even that is nullified.

We are denied opportunities because we are considered to lack focus. Instead of being furious, I think we should approach this calmly. Yes, and yes! You are angry and furious. And I understand because I am one of you. I cannot count the times I have been dismissed by people I look up to. But instead of being bitter, I take up being bold and get back to the field. I work my way and let my character and personality elevate to those high levels.

A true alpha is a statue of hope. No matter how many times you are put down, always muster the courage to get back up and keep pushing. This is challenging, but like I always say, nothing good is easy to get back up and fight. In the long run, the weak but kind always win. This is mainly because people always see what you do which alternately builds your network. I will soon write an article on this and why it is important so lookout. But I am certain that it always happens. 

 Family and Friends

Genuine family members and friends form the greatest support group. But there’s a disclaimer because family and friends can either make or break you. We have heard stories or witnessed scenarios where people have been broken by those closest to them. Parents condemning their children, brothers, and sisters fighting and killing each other. This has become a norm in contemporary society and it’s wrong.

Family and friends should watch out for each other. They should bail each other out of bad situations. A true alpha should not let others suffer when they can help. But this is becoming less common. One thing I always advocate is for people to be good and kind. Kindness goes a long way in making us better versions of ourselves.

In everything you do, please choose to do right by yourself and the people around you. Until next time, Adios.

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