I was at the prime of my career and in my fourth year of study at a local campus. Typical at the time, a client for whom I was designing a complex website had been all over my business all week. It was on a Friday afternoon and like any normal campus student, I felt the need to blow off some steam. I finished the pending tasks and was ready to go hang out with my lady friend.

Our romantic journey had started in a bus on my way to my residence from campus. Since then, we had met severally, and judging from the constant calls, the future was luminous. She knew about my crazy work schedules and didn’t complain probably because she had accepted my nerdy side. I had not told her I would be swinging by her place that evening because I wasn’t sure I would make it. I hate letting people down especially by making plans and not showing up.

It’s getting late

It was heading to eight o’clock, and dark clouds were forming in the vicinity. I gave her a call and announced my impromptu visit. She did not object, instead, she requested some time to prepare supper for two. I had noted that she rarely took supper and often opted to eat snacks while watching a movie or a TV show. I looked around my house searching for my headphones which I had misplaced in my sitting room the previous day. At the moment, my blood was boiling and I was anxious at the thought of the delicacy I was to devour that night.

I quickly locked up and began walking down the stairs. It was a quick descent since my crib was on the second floor. I walked the short distance from my house to hers in about thirty minutes since she lived a few blocks from me. Upon arrival, I gently knocked on her door and there she was. I’ve always admired her sense of fashion but that night she completely blew my mind off.

Her House

The fragrance of her sweet body wash filled the air and took me aback. I caught my breath and looked at her. She wore a light dress that perfectly complimented her body. I snapped out of this eutopia when she reached out and gently hugged me. For some reason, I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the sweet body wash fragrance. My blood pressure was rising as I felt her warm breath against my neck. Being shorter than me, she was standing on her toes and I could soon tell that fatigue was catching up to her. I gently let her go and we realized that something was overcooking. All this time, we had been lingering at the door to her house.

It was close to nine o’clock and the clouds were getting darker promising a rainy night. I quickly took off my shoes and we both rushed to the house to check on the food. Luckily we had not lingered for too long and no significant damage had been done. I sat on the couch from where I could watch her do her magic in the kitchen. She is an excellent chef but that was not the reason why I was watching her. She glowed differently tonight. A few minutes later, it began to drizzle and my mind began wandering contemplating what would happen if it rained all night. At the back of my mind, I had 50/50 thoughts of staying the night or going back to my crib.

My thoughts were interrupted by a bright light through her white curtains, followed by a loud thud, a scream, and an instant weight on my lap. Second lighting and a rumble of thunder followed. By this time, I was aware of what had happened. She was afraid of thunder. She was tightly holding on to me as if the lighting and thunder were here to take her away to her arranged marriage. I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt. I gently tapped her back and a few minutes later she had calmed down. We got up and went to the kitchen where we served supper.

We enjoyed the supper while watching Lucifer (TV show) and engaging in small talk. There was a buzz on my phone and that client was back with more changes that needed to be effected before the following morning. This was a definite mood killer because of several reasons. First, I had not carried my laptop and couldn’t use hers because everything I needed was on my laptop. Second, it was raining heaving and an umbrella just wouldn’t cut it. Lastly, (I’m sure you know what that reason was) I still hadn’t finished devouring my supper haha.

I have to go

We deliberated a few solutions to our current predicament to which we decided I was to wait for the rain to subside. it was already half-past ten o’clock and headed to ungodly hours. I confirmed to the client that I would make the necessary changes and we continued watching the film. A few minutes later, we were both asleep clinging to each other on the couch covered by a Maasai sheet protecting us from the cold and mosquitoes. (Not what you expected huh, sorry)

I woke up and looked around. There she was! She looked gorgeous and innocent while sleeping. I picked up my phone, checked the time and was suddenly in a hurry. It was half-past one o’clock (the ungodly hours I was so afraid of). By this time, my sleeping beauty had woken up and was looking around recollecting her thoughts. There was a blackout and it was gently drizzling but I knew that I had to leave or else I would end up on my client’s wrong side. As a web designer and developer, I was relying on referrals. Losing this client would negatively impact my portfolio, credibility, and reliability both in the short and long term. Understanding this, I was ready to leave and run to my house.

After a gentle and brief hug, I could almost taste the intense disappointment in the room. I mean, I was also disappointed but I promised to make it up to her. I planted a soft kiss on her forehead and walked away disappearing into the darkness. The darkness was slowly fading as my eyes adapted to the dim light from the crescent moon. The light was reflected by the pools of water and soon I could see my path clearly. The night was deserted but I expected it since it was now a few minutes past two o’clock.

A Deer and Mountain Lions

I could hear an engine revving a few hundred meters away. There was a gas station in the vicinity so it did not raise any red flags, but it should have. I continued walking jumping one pool of water after the other. I constantly resisted the temptation to take out my phone and use its torch to avoid stepping into small pools. My resistance was justified because the light in a dark night would also attach some unwanted attention. But what I did not know was that I had already attracted unwanted attention. I was being watched.

End of part one.

Check out part two here. Please stay tuned and follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram) to know when we post updates. I hope you enjoyed part one. please check out Betray in the Suburbs, it’s also a fan favorite.

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