I was a fattened deer walking around in the jungle unconscious of the mountain lions in the vicinity. The mountain lions on the other hand lay patiently waiting for their cards to align before they could strike. I soon spotted the revving engine but its lights were off so I did not pay attention to it. Besides, the roof of the gas station made it hard to make out what kind of car was parked. But now that I know more about engines, I remember that must have been a diesel engine common among government-issued land rovers. Mountain lions (police officers) lay waiting for me to reach a clearing where they could easily corner me and force a bribe out of me.

At this time, the driver was stepping on the gas pedal in short and quick successions. Instincts kicked in and I knew that this was no ordinary car. However, at no point did I think it was the police. At these ungodly hours, I was sure these were body organ smugglers looking to harvest my organs, dump my body into a pit latrine, and secure a decent paycheck from their employers. They turned on the headlights and if you have seen a bright light after being in the dark, you can attest that it can be quite uncomfortable. I was blind for a few seconds before I regained my eyesight.

Close Shave

An adrenaline rush had engaged an offensive and defensive mode in my system. I took off and ran as fast as I could towards my apartment block. I was about one and a half blocks from my house. Lucky for me, I lived in a high-end apartment block that had two entrances but one was not easily accessible by cars on a high-speed chase due to the many maneuvers. I made instant calculations to take that complex route. But I had missed the diversion to that road but I quickly improvised.

There was a shed where construction workers from the neighborhood bought lunch. It had a wooden gate that I could easily jump over. However, I also had to climb to their roof, tip-toe, and jump to the other side from where I would adjust my bearing and run to the second gate. I fell over the gate and hurt my leg but I only felt a pinch thanks to the adrenaline rush. I quickly felt my pockets to determine whether I still had my phone and keys. Confirming that both were intact, I proceeded with my escape.

 A few meters behind me, the police land rover had caught up and pulled over. But before the officers could get out of the rover and chase me, I was already on the rooftop. Instead of jumping over the medium-height wooden gate, the officers chose to open it. They thought I was cornered but through all this lingering, they were buying me more time to get away.

Powered by Adrenaline

I jumped over to the other side and from this point, I was only a few meters away from the gate to my apartment block. Upon reaching the gate, I quickly inserted the key, turned it clockwise, and viola, I was in the apartment and the door was locked behind me. I was muddy and wet from the deep dive I had taken into the muddy water.

The adrenaline rush was overworking my brain which was still paranoid that I was not yet safe. The blackout had affected the whole town and the backup generators at our apartment had not yet kicked in. I hurriedly took off my shoes and tiptoed to the staircase. I figured that walking with muddy shoes on our sparkling apartment tiles would lead any trace to my doorstep. Taking my shoes off as a means of concealing my movement.

I tiptoed to the second floor but instead of heading to open my door, I decided to take a detour. I continued to the third floor where I gently placed and pressed my shoes living a muddy footprint before going down to my apartment on the second floor. Making sure not to make a sound, I gently opened my door and locked it behind me. I headed to my bathroom where I stripped my muddy clothes and took a cold shower. my whole body was numb and I couldn’t feel my fingers for a few minutes. There was no electricity so there was no way I could take a hot shower.

Mission Accomplished

Using my phone’s torch I proceeded to my sitting room and sat on my favorite couch. I called my sleeping beauty who was angry with me for taking too long to call her not knowing the kind of hell I had been through. Like a perfect concealing gentleman, I apologized and never mentioned my close shave with the organ hunters. After the brief phone call, I took my laptop and worked for a few hours utilizing the reserve battery power. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up a few hours later into a weekend that was subject to paranoia following the narrow escape.

I kept to myself the entire day and kept the story to myself until I told blondie (her nickname) when she came to check on me the following day. She burst into laughter and said that I deserved it for leaving in the middle of the night. Was leaving at that ungodly hour worth it? I still don’t know. But I maintained my clean reputation and built my career till date so, there’s that. I also ended up with blondie as my wife a few years later so there’s also that.  I did get my happy ending, didn’t I?

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