Being a victim of remorse and unwanted struggles in life, I discovered a simple truth that most people often forget. Everyone will make mistakes, and no human is infallible. It will never be about procrastinating and exercising a similar mistake after a given period.

Most of us have no idea of how terrible a mistake would cause either ourselves or society. Be it simple or huge, as many might think, the impact will remain. You will agree with me that most of us have made huge mistakes.

As for me, I have had times that I have been an advocate of having emotional feelings, but I try to learn from my mistakes. For a while, this did not work perfectly for me. Most of us are victims of horrible mistakes. Some of these cost our jobs, losing our loved ones, or even termination of close relationships. I would not wish to mention too much about the impact of this.

Sadly, it is disgusting that many have made mistakes that they would not even confess on their deathbed. Many people might take a couple of years before they look into the mirror due to their penitence. It’s so sad that old and young generations are getting depressed and “vanish” before they can even wish their closest allies goodbye. A few dare to confess what happens. Or what would one mean to say that “everything will be OKAY??”

Inspired by Dr. K N Jacob, a life coach, and an inspirational speaker, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I mean, life must go on, and mistakes must be considered temporary. Another day will begin automatically, although it might seem to you like life has come to an end. I also felt like I had reached a “nowhere to run point,” but trust me, since this won’t help in any way.

I strongly recommend these few tips that have helped me move forward and find a meaningful life. Altogether, if you may like, I call this repositioning oneself. Some might refer to this as the evolving process. What matters is if it works for you.

Feel Down but That Much

Don’t fight the pain of your mistakes. Yes, it might be extremely hard for you. But from a personal level, the harder it becomes, the more the signal impacts you are never likely to repeat the mistake. Where I come from, we refer to it as the process where you “call yourself for a meeting.” Do you comprehend questions on how it happened? Why did it happen? How could I have avoided it? Trust me, and you are the best one who can derive the actual answers to these questions.

You don’t need to beat yourself too much. Instead, it is a “character development process.” You work your issues out. At first, I felt that isolating myself from my friends was the best option. I must remind you that isolation leads to termination. But as they say, “you chose the toughest option out of all.” It will make you grow.

Begin Taking Care of Yourself

Perhaps, you can’t even look yourself into the mirror without receiving the visceral hatred towards yourself. Take care of yourself, and remember that behavior is only replaceable. Hit the gym, go for a hike, or even enroll in swimming lessons. Truly, your friends will approach you after you starting maintaining the distance. I embraced the slogan “the furthest I know you,” indicating that no one I care about when it comes to my peace of mind.

You get pulled to feel relieved and better through the dissonance developed when you take care of yourself.

Get Out of It

Stop making the same mistake and focus on the positive. You will not only get out of your “mess” but also feel relieved. While I never stopped thinking about my mistakes, I strongly recommend you to forego past disgracing moments.

Promise yourself never to make the same mistake again. I will not assume these simple tips will not work for you, but I hope you forgive yourself and move on. It’s life, and the best thing is to live life REMARKABLY.

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