Life is fascinating from every point of view. But what fascinates me is its ability to turn full circle. What I mean by a full circle is that one moves from one point to the next and often returns to the starting point. I hope we are together to that point. If not, let’s enjoy this story as I explain my fascination with life.

I don’t remember much about my early childhood. My first memories are from three or four years old when I was joining kindergarten. Before then, I don’t recall anything. It’s a big black hole. Where do your memories start? Please answer in the comment section.

In my perception life is a circle comprising of three points. The beginning where we enjoy optimism, the middle where we overcome, and towards the end where we enjoy optimism.

Between birth and the beginning of my memories, life was stress-free. We did not worry about bills or food. Our parents or guardians took care of all our needs. We simply woke up to play, eat, play, and sleep. We had few enemies or rather people we dreaded. I can affirm that we enjoyed a soft life. We were powerless but everyone around us was there to protect us.

But this began to change when we joined kindergarten. We start worrying about homework. We realize that we can hate when we encounter a teacher we dislike. Life at this point begins to change. We have to work hard, play less and life takes a turn. From this point, we experience challenges one after the other. The intensity and complexity of challenges increase from one challenge to the next.

We get to high school, campus, and then venture into employment. During this middle stage, we are strong and often have few people to defend us. We struggle with life. While in school, our main challenge was prospering. We worked hard to get the best grades we could. After school, we work towards living life. We have bills and responsibilities to take care of.

We do everything in our power to prepare for old age. Seeking high-paying jobs and save up for our third stage. We start and fund pension accounts to help us live through retirement. We build a network of people who will be there during our last cycle.

Then comes the last stage. At this stage, we are old and vulnerable. We are back to the first stage of being weak but we have people all around us to protect us. We have family beside us to take of us. The lucky ones have children who treat them like royalty. But this is changing as society evolves. Bottom-line, life has turned full circle.

This was just one of many illustrations I have in mind. I can briefly highlight the others. There was once a poor man in our village. This man and his family were barely getting by but he was very hard working. He had a degree in agribusiness but everything he started soon fell apart. After a few years later, he landed a lucrative job and parted ways with poverty.

He was soon wealthy and his past was just that, his past. He enjoyed the soft life and soon began forgetting where he’d come from. There were challenges or rather temptations from all corners. ‘Fine ghels in short dresses’ were no exception. You see, money attracts the things you want but obviously don’t need. He became sloppy in life and at work. He soon lost his job.

A few years later, he was broke and back to poverty. Life had turned full circle and not in the best manner. But his case was different because, in poverty and weakness, there were few people running to his aid.

This is similar to the Alpha, Beta, and Omega which is my favorite triskelion. One can rise and fall to the other. A Beta can rise to become an Alpha and they can both fall to become Omegas.

I take this very seriously because it determines the life we live. It motivates me that hard times will not last but also warns me that good moments won’t last either. When things are going badly, I’m motivated to keep going because there are good days coming.

If you are facing a hard time, just know that life has a tendency of turning full cycle. Better days are coming. And if you are having good days, then guard them because bad days can happen if you are not careful. I’m not trying to put out anyone’s light. As a realist, I prefer being real with everything.

Do you agree that life turns full circle? Do you agree or disagree with my analogy? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on our social media (Twitter & Facebook). If you love this article also check out the bathroom affair. Till next time, Adios.

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