A corrupt judiciary obviously had adverse effects on citizens’ livelihood in any nation. To some extent, I strongly feel that corruption is a devil or rather an evil that we have to coexist with for lack of a solution. I will share my pessimism for a solution to our corrupt judiciary by sharing a short story because we all love good stories. Let’s indulge now, shall we?

I remember the good old days when one would find a currency note lying on the ground on their way home from school. This was before corruption had dug its root deep into all aspects of livelihood. It was also before mobile money and digital wallet technologies. The days when we carried money and felt good about. I miss these old days when our grandmothers tied knots at the edge of their ‘Kangas’. My grandmother’s ‘kanga’ had a knot on each edge each holding a different amount of money. Now there is either no money to tie in the Knots or it’s in their digital wallets.

On this fateful Wednesday afternoon, I was walking home from school. Wednesdays were my favorite days for two reasons. First, because we had rice and green grams for lunch which was my favorite at the time. It was not as tasty as the one prepared by my mother but on good days they did it justice. But now that I understand the meaning of justice I’m not sure anymore. The second reason was that we also had Physical Education (when the mathematics teacher was absent) on Wednesdays. I still don’t know why maths teachers always hijacked P.E lessons and why mathematics always preceded P.E on the timetable. With the mathematics teacher absent, we had a double P.E lesson that day. We had the field all to ourselves for 80 minutes.

After the last lesson, fatigue was killing me. I had strained my hamstring and could barely walk thus resulted in limping. Our class teacher gave us homework handouts and released us. This is when it dawned on me that I was yet to face my daily nightmare, the school’s most notorious bully. I was either always the first or last pupil to leave school to avoid crossing paths with the school bully who had an eye out for me. He would often force me to carry his bag and laugh at his dry jokes as he teased girls from our school and the neighboring school on our way home. He was a senior and obviously bigger than which made it impossible for me to do anything. On this Wednesday I decided to wait it out until the majority of the pupils had left school.

By the time I left the school gate, there was an empty road ahead of me. I would finally limp in peace. Or not, because soon there were heavy footsteps behind me. The seniors had been left behind attending an impromptu meeting called by the principal. They had been released and like a swarm of bees, this preyed on my fears creating an adrenaline rush that immediately healed my hamstring. I increased my pace to get away from the mob of seniors rapidly catching up with me most of whom were bullies.

I spotted a perfectly folded paper on the ground a few meters ahead of me. The closer I got to the pater the more my heart raced because it was a one thousand shillings note perfectly folded into a square. Upon reaching it, I slowly bent and picked it up. I had not held a one thousand shillings note yet probably because nobody in my family was that rich. I began thinking about what I’d do with the note. Lessons on being a good Christian taught us to report it to the teacher or religious leader. But before I could decide what to do with it, the group of seniors behind me had already caught up with me.

I stood there, my mind in limbo, and was slowly swallowed by the group of seniors. My immobility caught the attention of several seniors who roughly shook me out of it into my current situation. My adversary was among them and after seeing him my legs froze. I could not move for several seconds. “What do we have here?” he asked wryly. “Nothing,” I mumbled timidly. He didn’t buy that so he roughly grabbed my hand and tried to take the one thousand shillings note from my tightly clenched fist.

I strongly fought back with every thread of strength I could muster. My strength was insignificant compared to this giant baby who tried to steal what was rightfully mine. I had picked the note which entitled me to guard it until I decided what to do with it. We struggled for several minutes and had now attracted the attention of other pupils who rapidly gathered around us.

To my advantage, the school’s head boy was passing by and demanded a dissolution. Everybody left leaving the head boy and his deputy to give a non-biased ruling over this disputed. After sharing my side of the story the head boy was quiet for a minute thinking. Looking at me reassuringly, he then asked for the one thousand shillings note which I reluctantly gave him. After a few seconds of deep thought, he decided that my adversary and I would share this money. He found some change from a shop nearby to allow fair distribution. He handed me six hundred shillings and gave my adversary four hundred shillings. But he could not take it and began raising hell demanding a fair cut.

The head boy took two hundred and fifty shillings from my share leaving me with three hundred and fifty shillings while my adversary had four hundred. I was not going to take this injustice and it was my turn to raise hell demanding equality. After all, I had spotted and collected the money. The head boy took one hundred from my adversary leaving him with three hundred shillings. This was still fifty shillings short of my share and he was not having it. This continued until the head boy and his deputy had collected the last note from our hands. We demanded justice and the two judges delivered their version of justice. The head boy and his deputy divided the money between themselves and walked away. As punishment, I had to carry my adversary’s bag for the rest of the journey.

The following day, I reported the incident to the teacher who called all the involved pupils to the office. After hearing my case, the teacher promised to look into the matter and sent us back to class. That evening, I learned that the head boy had the authority to oversee minor cases and the teacher was not likely to do anything. I couldn’t take this so I went to the principal seeking Justice. The principal was not any different as he quickly dismissed my case. There were more important things to take care of. A young boy in the fourth grade suffered his first injustice from a corrupt judiciary then.

Now that I’m all grown, I see this kind of injustice everywhere. In my story, I was the cat, my adversary (the bully) was the dog and the authorities I reported my case to were the foxes. Every time I read the headlines, there is a story of addressing injustice. In most cases, the victims are disregarded and often end up being perpetrators. They are served with a first injustice and appeal to another court higher on the hierarchy hoping for a better ruling similar to when I reported my case to the teacher. They either get a similar ruling or worse. This forced them to appeal again to the highest court but get the same ruling.

Very few people have been victorious in their case against injustices done against them. There are good people in society but a corrupt wave is constantly interfering. Some part of the judiciary is fighting against corruption for some corrupt characters are constantly getting in the way of justice with selfish and malicious intentions. I think that we should just learn to coexist with the corrupt judiciary because efforts to eradicate it are often hitting the wall. What are your thoughts? Do you think my perception of the corrupt judiciary is accurate?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section or on our social media platforms (Twitter). You might also want to check out my perception of the hustler political illusion. Till next time, Adios.

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