In today’s highly competitive digital space, only the best survives. Regardless of the sector, anyone operates in; be it in commerce, health, transport, hospitality, the list is endless, having a grasp of sound digital marketing expertise is an added advantage. While there are a couple of activities that make up the entire game, here at Gurus Afrika, we are committed to offering a simplified experience.

Our in-depth knowledge base and highly committed team players ensure we offer the best return on your investment. Respective of your goal, this could translate to increased brand awareness and brand authority. We focus on increased conversions and sales, or general engagement with your customers. Whatever your goal is, it becomes our commitment and driving force.

Just the other day when everyone was asleep, the world woke up to the most agonizing and terrifying experience in history. The ‘black swan‘ which is also known as Covid-19 had struck paralyzing life as we knew it. As a result, governments effected the current lockdowns have restrained people in their homes. Restrictions meant businesses had to innovate towards the new normal or they become phased out.

Then came a savior. The only guaranteed way to continue the business-as-usual premise was going digital. Big brands that had already taken advantage of migrating online were quick to roll out the infrastructure needed. They continued soaring to greater heights in sales turnover. However, small to medium-scale enterprises suffered from reduced to zero visits to their brick and motor stores.

So, the question remains, can small and medium enterprises adapt to online marketing? We believe we have the answer and strategies to move you online and begin reaching new customers every day. Below are the ways in which we conduct this process.

4 Ways Gurus Afrika Can Help with Your Digital Strategy

  1. Consultation
  2. Branding
  3. Website Design
  4. Digital Marketing

The state of the world right now values knowledge and information over anything else. This is why we take time to help our customers understand the importance of online marketing. Our consultation procedure seeks to shine light upon all the nitty-gritty of digital marketing practices. As a bonus, the client proceeds while making the best-informed decisions for their businesses. Here, we will capture details to do with the type of industry the business is operating in, the existing efforts that are currently in places such as social media, and the budget to be set aside for the entire process. Visit our contact us page for any inquiries.


This involves different elements of a business that helps it stand out from a sea of other businesses. Whether a client is just starting out a new venture or working on an existing one, branding is often given little attention which is against the rules. A brand is a real picture you want to paint in the minds of your customers and it helps them identify with your business. Strong brands generate high revenues because of the customer loyalty that results from the branding process.

Many people will confuse branding with other several aspects such as a website. The following are the different elements of branding that we will help articulate into your business.

●       Brand Identity. Broken down into its simplest forms, it involves all the unique features that your brand goes by. It could be your logo or tagline. An example of a strong brand identity is Nike’s logo and the legendary tagline, “just do it.” Simplicity and effectiveness are the key factors to consider when crafting brand identity.

●       Brand Image. This is the way your customers perceive your business and its offerings. At the beginning of your digital marketing strategy, it is wise to start off by portraying your brand as something that will stay relevant and appealing to your customers over a long period of time. In the fashion business, Louis Vuitton is perceived as a classic luxury brand and the customers don’t expect it to be producing medium-grade products. 

●       Brand Positioning. Different products have different target markets or customers. At the very beginning, it is important to place products in front of your specific customers. This way you will save on resources and time.

●       Brand Personality. Customers will identify with brands that look more appealing to their preferences. When we think about Jeep, the motor vehicle company, we immediately see customers who are outgoing and fun-loving. Brand personality involves elements such as the color of your logo or typography used in it and communication materials.

●       Brand Equity. This is a very important factor that involves the value of your brand in the overall market. Some brands are pioneers in their specific segments such as Mercedes Benz. It is considered to be a premium vehicle manufacturer whose products can be trusted as being of high quality. In general, this translates to high revenues and less expenditure on the marketing budget.

●       Brand Experience. This tickles down to the culture you set for your business that is passed onto customers as they go about interacting with your brand. The customer experience journey is important because it defines whether you keep or lose them to your competitors. The speed at which orders are processed, fulfilled and how customers get helped with their frequent concerns build-up to the overall brand experience.

●       Brand Differentiation. Every brand has to have its unique proposition/selling point. It could be a simple factor but you still have to let your customers know it exists. If there is any way you can offer customized products to suit your customers’ needs, say it out. For example, here at Gurus Afrika, we build customized websites that are beautiful and serve your intended purpose. Nothing we build can be found elsewhere. We transfer the same experience when you choose to work with us.

●       Brand Communication. This is how you choose to get your message out to your customers. It could be through online adverts or physical brochures.

●       Brand Gap. While brands design eye-catching sales copies every now and then, the difference between what they say they will do and what they actually deliver is the brand gap. At all times the margin should be as low as possible to build trust.

●       Brand Extension. Every business starts out small but as they grow, they find other areas that offer opportunities worth investing in. This leads to diversified income streams which are vital for any business venture. Likewise, Gurus Afrika is a complete solutions provider for your digitization process. 

Website Design.

In the new normal of online marketing, every business needs a website. In simple terms, a website is actually a storefront you open amongst other businesses. The same logistics you would consider while selecting a proper location for your physical business still applies here. Normally, you would consider a nice location with high human traffic, ease of accessibility, and generally a prime structure. 

When it comes to websites, we combine our experience and expertise in ensuring we build your new online store that meets the above requirements. Gurus Afrika is always available and you can reach us here for inquiries about our diverse services. We create custom-designed websites that are easy to navigate through and get found online. We achieve the latter through search engine optimization which is explained below.

Search engines are the algorithms that rank different websites which offer the best solutions to questions asked by internet users. In order to generate high revenue for your online business, it is important to ensure your website shows up and guides the customer towards its contents.

Google is currently the number search engine ranking billions of websites every second. We understand how important it is for you to migrate online. Gurus Afrika dedicates their efforts to making your new asset starts generating income.

Search engine optimization procedures we use include:

●       Keyword Research. Every internet user has a unique intent as to what they are looking for online. They input different words into Google which in turn displays results. The process by which your website is bound to show up as one of the results takes reverse strategies into account. We build content that addresses these unique demands first in mind. 

●       On-site optimization. This involves paying attention to meta tags and the general formatting of webpage content.

●       Link-building. Google and other search engines usually rank the best content highest. Your website’s authority is fundamental for it to rank highly as the best solutions provider. It earns this authority when other websites refer to your content which shows Google you are trustworthy and so it refers to visitors. 

Upon deciding to start your website development, we will offer the best maintenance services including cloud hosting on reputable providers. You will not have to worry about waking up one day to find your asset gone as is usually the case with other unscrupulous designers. We have built websites on the world’s number one open-source platform; WordPress, which has become part of Gurus Afrika’s greatest competence. 

Our process ensures the work we do offers room for future expansion and designing. As a client, our company keeps you in control and at par with general advancements in the industry.

Digital Marketing.

Here we employ a variety of techniques to get your brand message over to billions of internet users who could be your next customers.

Digital marketing will now provide a link between how to use your new website in promoting your business. In order to achieve effectiveness, we do it through the steps outlined below.

●       Content creation and marketing. Once you have a website up and running, the first step is to figure out the type of content that appeals directly to your business. The content might take different forms such as blog posts, webinars, infographics, quizzes, or even eBooks. For example, a restaurant business might want to consider creating content around healthy recipes or dessert options. 

●       SEO. This content is then optimized for search intent by your customers using the Search Engine Optimization procedures discussed above.

●       Paid Search Marketing. Google itself offers paid marketing options called AdWords. This helps to promote the contents of your website and rank it on the first page of search results. Targeting the right audience, your website receives more relevant visitors who actually become paying customers.

●       Social media marketing. What other way of getting more eyes and traffic to your website other than social media? A social media strategy will help you: promote your content, deals, and products, share brand updates and interact with your customers. The common channels used include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked In, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

●       Email Marketing. Websites come with plug-ins that will enable you to capture your visitors’ email addresses. This way you don’t lose them even after they roam away to other sites. Over time, these credentials become a goldmine that you can use to announce your new products or update them on existing ones. It is an ever-growing means of marketing that is sensitive to your expenditure and offers the greatest ROI on your efforts.

●       Conversion Optimization. Figure this out, a customer walks into your physical store with an intention of purchasing snacks. Unfortunately, there is no one to show them around to the area where you have the snacks. Customers might soon get tired of searching around blindly and decide to walk away.

In the same sense, conversion optimization involves placing the right calls to action on your website. They help new visitors to find the right pages that address their problems. One can achieve this by using landing pages and strong call-to-action buttons. Have you been to a website browsing around then suddenly a pop-up asks you to provide your email address in exchange for something else? This is what CTAs are and they take you close to products you need.

While digital marketing can sound like a complicated process that seems to whirl round and round, Gurus Afrika is your number one solution provider. Since every company needs to embrace digital marketing for the reasons outlined in this article, we recommend you choose to work with Gurus Afrika. We will walk with you through your entire journey and you can trust us for quality outcomes. Visit our website for more information.

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