Over the years, we have heard or read about traumatic incidences where die-hard football fans go to great and dramatic lengths in support of their teams or clubs. On this note, how many people have died because of undying love for a football club/team? Many people, right?

I have been a Manchester United fan since 2007. Over the years, we have been in our top and worst form. I have watched games that broke my heart. I have been disappointed severally but I still hope the team improves. Other times, the team melts my heart by performing exemplary in various leagues. Simply put, I have enjoyed good times and overcome bad situations while supporting my team.

When Manchester United wins, I join celebrations both online and offline. I tease my friends and when it comes to the worst, I join troll hashtags. But, we always join online conversations respectfully. I do the same when my club loses. I engage with respectful people online and exchange a few words before logging off and waiting for the masses to cool off.

My colleagues and I are members of the same WhatsApp group. After the return of the English Premier League (EPL), the group has become quite busy. People have shared their different opinions concerning football over the last couple of months. As a passionate supporter of Manchester, I give them a piece of my mind but try to always remain respectful because they are critical members of my professional network. As the adage goes, your network is your net worth.

While I maintained respect, some of the members got into a heated argument and exchanged some nasty words online. Chelsea had lost to Manchester United. Rather than accepting this outcome, members of this civilized group exchanged words. The following morning, we met up in our workplace and one could cut through the tension with a knife.

I have learned that restraint is a very powerful tool for any adult seeking success. I exercise both passion and logic in every situation and football is no exception. While most people jump into the moment and let out their emotional turmoil, I prefer active thinking. I don’t get back at angry fans, instead, I understand their anger and simply walk away. This has helped me survive through societal turmoil that often turns people against themselves or each other.

I hope that no one succumbs to their passionate support of a football club/team. There have been several cases and I think each of us should encourage the youth to avoid taking their lives for whatever means whatsoever. I mean, football shouldn’t be a reason to end one’s life. Whether the club or team wins or loses, the players still make money. Focus my brothers and sisters. Don’t end your life at the expense of something as irrelevant as a passion for a football team.

Share this post to create awareness. Human life is sacred and we should or must treat it as such. Until next time, adios.

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