pretty shades but dark

Have you read “Pretty Shade but Dark – Part 1?” If not kindly do to connect the dots.

Everything glowed beneath the blue bulb illuminating my crib. Her yellow sweatshirt glowed differently that night. But now that I think about it, my dopamine levels might have been extraordinarily higher that night. I was burning up in all the wrong places. My mind had no chance of fighting this off and I had a feeling that Jane Doe understood her assignment. I could read some levels of kinky beneath her innocent face as she got up to do the dishes.

I looked at my watch, it read a few minutes to ten o’clock. While she did the dishes I briefly slid into the shower to freshen up. I had been glued to my office chair all day and felt fatigued. The kind of night I looked forward to needed me to get rid of any form of fatigue so I conformed to its needs. I was out in a few and there she was waiting. As I said, she understood the assignment.

I only sleep for a maximum of five hours so I was up a few hours later. I felt different like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. But there was also a feeling of guilt buried deep inside my conscience. For some reason, the light I always felt inside me was slowly burning out. The dark cloud hovering above my head was getting darker and I could feel it in my bones. I didn’t allow this to bother me. Instead, I looked beside me, and there she was. The sleeping beauty. “Why am I getting so worked up? Look at her sleeping, she can’t hurt a fly. How could she probably wreck my world? All she’s doing is rocking it,” I thought to myself.

I slowly slid out of bed and walked to the shower. I expected her to join me but then, she was fast asleep next door. Usually, I conceive most of my ideas in the shower and this time was no exception. I figured a way out of a work issue and hurriedly left the shower. I got busy on my computer for a few hours before she woke up. Being on a Sunday, most shops were closed in the early mornings as people attend church so we had to wait till past eleven o’clock to have breakfast.

While I worked, she lay in bed glued to her phone with the cracked screen. she had not yet replaced the screen or rather she hadn’t mentioned or raised concerns about her phone malfunctioning. I just figured that it was in luck. But, was I really in luck? She wore my white oversize official shirt and seemed to enjoy it. It was the only thing that could fit her citing my lean body.

That afternoon her three musketeers came knocking. They handed her a bag pack which she gladly accepted and headed to the shower. I figured that they had brought her clothes to change. “She’s so was new to this sleep-over thing. I definitely got more than what I bargained for. She’s not yet been corrupted by the system,” I thought to myself as I sat there glued to my computer doing a lot of nothing to seem busy to her friends. I’m generally not a very social person. These thoughts consoled me allowing me to temporarily dismiss the dark cloud hovering above my head perceiving it as typical paranoia. I had a tendency of being generally paranoid.

Jane Doe and her musketeers prepared dinner that night and being a Sunday night, she had to go back to her residence and prepare for classes the following week. She left a few of her clothes at my place which I later came to learn was a way of marking her territory in my house in case I brought another lady over. I mean, what were the odds I would?

The following week unfolded pretty smoothly. I only attended the necessary classes so I didn’t have plenty of reasons to be on campus. However, I made one visit to the ladies’ hostel to check on my new friend later that Tuesday. I led her out of her room towards the gazebo where we order supper. But something was off with her. Either something was bothering her or she had lost interest in me. Like the naïve guy I was, I tried to make her feel comfortable often cracking jokes to light her up. That night was uneventful so I escorted her back to her crib and left for my crib. My mind was in turmoil as we silently walked side by side in the dark.

I got busy on my computer as usual without giving much thought to the weird night I had just had. The uneventful week rapidly changed that Thursday when Jane Doe came over to my crib for supper. It was common for ladies to come and cook in a guy’s crib. Especially if they found the food served at the school’s cafeteria or gazebo unbearable. But that was not the only reason she had come over to my place. My life was about to take an unprecedented turn.

In normal situations, the second “appointment” is often fired up mainly because you are now comfortable and ready to explore each other’s limits. It’s time to show what you got to offer. This wasn’t the case for our second “appointment’ barely a week after our first. Jane Doe had some important news to disclose. News that would change the trajectory of our relationship or whatever you’d call what we had. I know you want me to get to the main point, but where is the fun in that? Let’s walk through the evening together, shall we?

There was a gentle knock on my door a few minutes past seven o’clock. I was expecting it so I opened the door with a grin. I had spent the entire afternoon fantasizing about the different ways this night would end. In preparation, I had bought minced meat ready to prepare one of my favorite meals, spaghetti, and minced beef stew. After that, I tidied up my humble crib. Not that it’s usually untidy but I wanted to impress. After our interaction that Tuesday evening, I had sensed some ill/ dark vibe and intended to slide my way into her good graces again. What a simp!?

We had a brief hag, not the compassionate hug I had been looking forward to. My evening was definitely not going as I had fathomed it. My stereo was probably doing what I expected it to do, warming up the house and preparing the mood. Seeing things weren’t going as planned, I had to flip the script. I went straight to preparing supper and, in a few hours, supper was ready. Music has the potential to heal a distressed soul. I justified this hypothesis that night citing that Jane Doe was back to her bubbly self by the time I served supper.

The thing with a happy or rather a bubbly lady is that she’s very responsive if you know what I mean. It’s something I’ve learned over the years, keep her happy and she can be very kinky when need be. So, by the time I served supper, my original script was in play. We ate in hurry exchanging these hungry glances as if we’d been starving all our lives. A few minutes later, the night had turned vigorous and violent as I had expected it. In a good way of course. This was the first or rather mild storm before the calm and later the real storm. What I did not know at the time was that the dark cloud hovering above my head had blossomed. It was ready to spill whatever dark particles it contained and change the trajectory of my life for good.

We lay there beside each other a few minutes later each taking short and rapid breaths. We gradually calmed down. I lay on my back staring at the blue bulb fantasizing about what would come next but Jane Doe had other plans.
“Babe, we need to talk,” she said instantly bringing me back from my fantasy world. I had watched enough movies and read enough books to know that this phrase was as scary as they come. Nothing that ever started with this phrase ever ended well and mine was no exception. I could feel the dark cloud getting stronger. I heard a voice whisper the proverbial “I warned you” at the back of my mind. So, I braced for impact.

End of part 2

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