The Boy in the Blue Hoodie

They say that you have to kiss several frogs before finding your prince. Or is it the princess who kisses the frog turning it into a prince? How does the story go? Forgive my oblivion of fairy tales. I was neither a reader of books nor a TV fanatic while growing up so I don’t know how it goes. I found my prince and lost him soon after. I’m sure you can all relate to the reality of “the one who got away.” I’m no exception. Here’s my story about the boy in the blue hoodie.

Geography was one of my best subjects in High school so it was no surprise when I was among the students representing our school in the regional geography contests. Out of all the contests, one stood out.

I was in form three when it happened. My parents had taken me to school early so I was always the youngest in every class. As a result, I always experienced emotional turbulence late than everyone else in my class. My friends had experienced the need to have a boyfriend earlier than me. Unlike my friends whose emotions were all over the place in form two, mine came while I was in form three. I began taking notice of boys and their different features distinguishing them. I didn’t get to explore them much probably because I didn’t have a favorable environment. My parents were stricter than the teachers in the school which left no room for mischief. But at least I got to meet boys during outings and events at school.

Enough background details, let’s get to the real juice. We had departed our school compound late that morning and therefore arrived at the host school late. I hate being late to any event probably because all eyes are on you and I’m not very good at handling attention. But this time was different because I didn’t even feel many eyes staring at me because only one pair of tiny brown eyes blazed through my melanin skin.

He stood out from the cloud probably because while every youngster around me was in school uniform, he wore a pair of jeans and a blue hoodie. Our eyes locked and for a moment I was oblivious of my surrounding. I was brought back to reality when I almost tripped while descending the school bus stairs. I felt embarrassed but I quickly glanced at the boy in the blue hoodie on the other side of the car pack. He was still looking at me a grin across his perfect face.

There was something mysterious about this boy in the blue hoodie. He wasn’t a student and he was too young to be a tutor. What business did he have here? I followed our tutor into a room where we would sit for our geography tests. I tried to concentrate on the test but my mind would occasionally drift to think about the mysterious boy with tiny blue eyes and a blue hoodie. At my tender age, I had eyed several boys but none had caused me so much mental turmoil before.

After the geography test, I walked around the car park in circles hoping to see my boy in the blue hoodie. By this time, most students had completed the tests and were socializing while tutors assessed the papers. I hoped that he wasn’t a tutor because that would mean he was assessing the papers and therefore not available for a chat. I was shy but at the moment I had a courageous wave had overcome me. The thought of him being a tutor and therefore busy nagged me.

Lucky for me, this was not the case. I spotted the blue hoodie at the far end of the car park where he engaged several other boys in uniform. I guessed that they were his ticket in but I still couldn’t join the dots. Let’s think about it, in what capacity was he here? Definitely not a student and guessing he was about nineteen years old, there was no way he was a tutor.

I hovered around hoping the ground would swallow the other boys leaving him alone and vulnerable to my charm. I didn’t care whether I was a girl approaching a boy (inappropriate) but I was ready and willing to shoot my shot. All I wanted to was to talk to him and considering it was around noon, I knew that I was running out of time. My guardian angel was very quick that day because a few minutes later my boy in the blue hoodie abandoned the group and began walking towards the canteen. I hatched a plan to cut him off as a way of getting his attention.

I pretended to cross his path but this wasn’t calculated because I accidentally knocked the soft drink he was holding off his hand. My intention was just to get his attention but things had gotten a little bit out of hand. There was a reflection of pain in his tiny eyes but it quickly faded away. I didn’t know people could control their emotions that swiftly probably because I couldn’t. We had definitely gotten off on the wrong foot and it was all my fault.

“I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m really sorry,” I said my voice filled with genuine guilt. My plan was clearly a very bad one. “It’s okay. It’s just a drink there’s no need to beat yourself up over it,” he replied calmly. I confirmed my earlier judgment. There was definitely something mysterious about this guy.

Saying that he turned and began walking back to the canteen. My plan to get this boy’s attention seemed to be going down the drain. He was leaving and I was sure he was mad at me. A calm voice got me out of my cocoon of thoughts when he asked, “what are you drinking?” I wasn’t ready for this. “S-sprite,” I stuttered. He smiled and made the order.

I was confused probably because I had not seen this coming. He carried the drinks and lead me to the metallic chairs a few yards from the canteen. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was more than I had imagined especially after knocking off his drink. But now everything was working out, I was afraid. I had fantasized several case scenarios of how this would go but now that it had happened, I didn’t know what to do or how to react.

We talked about anything and everything. I loved how he controlled the conversation switching from talking about me to talking about school and what I’d do after school. He knew his way around with words. He maintained eye contact when talking but in a way that intimidated you rather than in a way that made you feel important like you were the only person that mattered in the entire universe at the moment. I was shy so couldn’t stare at him as he did me, but I occasionally stole quick glances at him. His tiny brown eyes lit up every time he had a smart thought but his voice was always calm as he relayed these thoughts.

He was perfect and everything about him was just perfect. Like I said earlier, I’m not much into fairy tales but he would be the prince in my story no questions asked. He was smart but you couldn’t notice this because he didn’t always talk unless he needed to. He was a computer science major at a renowned university which explained the nerdy/geeky jeans and hoodie dress code.

We both sensed that time was running out when people began assembling at the parade ground. The tutors had completed assessing and grading the tests which meant that it was just a matter of minutes before a parade was called. He gently leaned back, picked his phone from his pocket, and handed it over to me. “Kindly key in your phone number, if you don’t mind,” he said with the same calm tone. Are you kidding me? How could I mind sharing my number with you? My hands were shaking as I keyed in the number and added my name. I had to make sure that I saved the number on his phone. There was no room for taking chances.

That done, we both got up and walked towards the parade. I joined my schoolmates while he stayed back to watch the parade proceedings from a distance. My friends and I giggled as they inquired about the hot boy in the blue hoodie. I felt his tiny brown eyes burning through the back of my head occasionally looked back to steal glances of him. I did this severally until one time when I looked back and he was gone. The thought of not seeing him again nagged me. I hoped that he had just gone to the canteen to grab a soft drink. But, was he?

End of Part 1

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