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This might get me into a little bit of trouble but, let’s face it. Society has subscribed to a certain level of double standards with a few things that significantly impact our lives. I think it’s time we address some of these issues and hopefully, we’ll achieve a blissful life. But this will only happen if we embrace various underrated phrases such as pat my back, I’ll pat yours, among others.

We all want to live a life of certainty. A life that every good deed to your friend can be reciprocated in equal measure in the future. Not because we really depend on payback but because life is an infinite loop of co-dependence. We must work together in one way or another, well, because no one can survive on their own. I mean that’s why we are all unique with different capabilities, skills, mindsets, talents, and potentials just to mention a few.

But it’s become a norm to hide behind these quotes or rather phrases to justify our actions. Pat my back now I’ll pat yours tomorrow but what do people do when it’s their turn? Most of them chicken out and often become defensive. Let’s face it, we all want to have a blissful life so hiding behind phrases that justify some but not all of our actions doesn’t cut it. It’s time we all had a reality check, myself included.

How many times have you laid everything in the line for someone but when it came to their turn, they shoved the door in your face? Well, I have a feeling everyone has experienced this once or severally in their life. I mean, it has happened severally to me and in several ways.

It hurts and sucks though but such is life. I don’t blame people who back out when it’s their time to bail their friends out though. I understand that we are living in tough and uncertain times. However, we should not use this as an excuse to be bad people or rather bad friends who people cannot count upon. I believe that life is an endless loop where our actions determine our quality of life. But not always.

This brings me to my most recent realization that life is unfair to the noble and kind. As a noble and kind person, people will often betray you. They will use phrases such as pat my back and I’ll pat yours to take advantage of you. Such phrases have either been deemed null or misused for the convenience of selfish people in society.

But this begs the question, should we repay an unkind gesture with an unkind gesture in return? Click To Tweet If you’re good to people but nobody ever comes through for you, will you continue with your acts of kindness or will you be unkind? Click To Tweet

Will you continue patting their backs if they are not patting yours?

“In a world where you can be anything or anybody, be kind,” this principle guides and allows you to continue being kind regardless of how people treat you. That way, you will always be content with your actions and the outcomes of these actions. It’s painful when you rely on people who don’t pat your back after patting theirs severally but don’t ever stoop to their level.

Do you agree with my analogy? Please answer the queries in the comment sections.

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