Fear of Asking for Financial Help

In these current times, everything revolves around finances that one has so as to acquire their basic needs, investments, and consequently a good life. Having little or no funds can be really stressful and sometimes requesting financial assistance can be difficult. I believe that we have all experienced a financial problem that we found tricky to ask for help mainly due to fear. The fear of how people would think of us.

Fear to me is the greatest mind killer because it hinders one from achieving what one wants. Fear prevents us from reaching our potential. Asking for money from other people makes one feel weird in a way that they might probably be a nug. This is probably because it makes someone feel like they look needy and weak. This is not always the case and in most cases, it’s usually a misconception manifested in our minds by fear.

Other people may feel as if they are surrendering control to the people giving them money or rather financial aid. Housewives, for instance, are the most affected by this compared to other people since they have to rely entirely on their husbands for money to buy everything they want/desire. I too remember during my campus days when I relied on my dad for financial aid. Every time I went home for the holiday I had to help a lot with farm work until campus reopened. I thought of it as a way of repaying my debt because I entirely relied on him for financial aid. Even though my friends would go back to campus earlier, I had to wait till my dad gave me the money so I could manage to get back to campus.

Sometimes the fear of feeling that people may reject to help you financially may force someone not to seek financial help. It’s mostly because the person may start feeling like he/she might be a burden to the person they are asking money from.

Many people forget that seeking help is a step closer to solving the problem one has. By not taking any action, the problems are very likely to get worse thus making it harder for you to recover and get a viable solution. I always believe that time is the most important thing. This belief is justified by the saying, “the earlier you do it the better”. Seeking help early enables others to enter your life thus improving the relationship. Every time you help a person do something right, it makes you feel better. It also benefits the person you have helped which makes it a win-win situation between you and them.

What fear makes you forget is that most people can’t assess your situation correctly and know what you need. So the best thing is to face your fears. Be frank with the person you want to seek help from whether it’s family members, friends, or even a stranger.

Overcoming fear can be easy if you are willing. If you feel like you are scared of doing something just take a deep breath and ask yourself: why am I scared? What would happen if I don’t face my fear and solve my troubles? Doing this will make you be true to yourself and will make sure you seek assistance. You should also understand that since you were young you’ve been relying on parents to help you thus seeking help should not be such a hard choice.

Then when requesting financial assistance, be honest with the person you’re asking for help from. Inform them why you need the money, ways you’ve tried to get money independently but failed. It will be great if inform them of when you intend to pay them back. By doing this it makes it easier for the person to believe in you. I’m definitely sure if the person is able they will help you.

All in all, poverty is the enemy here. Thus any means to eradicate it is a step towards financial freedom. I advise you to face your fears and ask for financial aid without a second thought. In case you get the money, think of other options such as short-term investments or doing something worthwhile. This will help you improve your life. Not only will you help yourself but you can help others and be a good example to them. Check out our other article on the 8 Money Lessons you Need to Know in your 20s.

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