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How would I describe pastries from Marrie’s bakery? “Love at first bite.” By focusing on high-quality ingredients, pastries from this bakery are unparalleled. To understand why you need to trust Marrie’s bakery with all your pastries, I will share a short story about my first encounter with the brand.

No celebration is complete without sharing a cake. I came to this realization a few years ago when my wife’s friends approached me seeking to organize a surprise baby shower for her. At first, I didn’t see the need. First, I’m not the type to celebrate any milestone, and second, I was too broke to even contemplate organizing such an event. Negotiating with ladies is hard especially when they are determined to host a baby shower come rain come sunshine. So, I somehow considered their request and moved along with their plans. Everything was within the set budget apart from the cake.

At the time, my residence was within the Thika Road Mall neighborhood so I took a stroll through the mall window shopping for the ideal cake. They were all too expensive not to mention that I didn’t know much about flavors. All I knew was that I didn’t want the too-sugary kind of cakes that leave you with a disgusting taste in your mouth.

I recalled a friend from campus who had a small bakery business but there was one problem. She was in Meru while I was in Nairobi, that’s quite a distance to cover. But I called her to make inquiries and voila. She would later bake the cake and go out of her way to deliver it personally. Since then, Marrie’s bakery has been satisfying all my pastry needs and those of my friends.

Attributes of Marrie’s bakery

Design and Decorations

We live in a world of themes and Marrie’s bakery acknowledges this. As a result, they have invested in creativity which allows them to come up with great themes for different events. Some of my best designs include the Bitcoin, Coco melon, and Marvel Cinematic Universe themes.

The Bitcoin theme was a surprise by a lady to her crypto-fanatic fiancé. I’m a big MCU fanatic so a spiderman-themes cake melts my heart any day. Lastly, most children are big coco melon fans. A cocomelon themes cake for his/her birthday is one they’ll never forget. Marrie’s bakery does not just focus on the taste but also on the experience associated with its pastry products.

Value and Variety.

We all want value for our money, right? Marrie’s bakery guarantees value for your money by making sure you get more than what you ordered. This is enhanced by the variety of cakes you have to choose from in terms of flavor, design/decorations, and weight/size among other features.

Additionally, Marrie’s bakery also has a variety of pastries ranging from muffins/cupcakes, donuts, Danishes, and croissants among others.

Location and Convenience.

Marrie’s bakery is now located in Thika, one of the largest and fastest-growing towns along Thika Road. This location is convenient since it allows the bakery to make deliveries in Thika, Nairobi, and their environs. Additionally, deliveries around Thika, Makongeni phase 10 area are done for free.

Customer Service

In most cases, customer service is the deal-breaker when choosing a plug. We all want to buy from a brand that makes us feel valued and loved. Marrie’s bakery has the best customer service in the pastry industry. Apart from baking the best cakes in the region, they also follow up to gather feedback which allows them to improve their services after every delivery. This allows them to give each customer a great experience.


You might think that these products have very high prices but you’re wrong. Marrie’s bakery has the best prices for its products. At the beginning of this review, I stated that I was very broke during my first encounter with the pastry brand. The Chief baker is one of the best entrepreneurs which means she has customizable deals for all clients.

Contact them for a great deal, hands down the best cake you will ever have, and a memorable experience. Whatever the event, a delivery from Marrie’s bakery rejuvenates the mood giving each participant an experience they will never forget.

Marrie's bakery

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