In contemporary society, internet subscription has become a basic need. A minority of the population who remained skeptical of the need for internet access have been pushed into believing by the coronavirus pandemic which compelled the embracement of technology in most if not all industries. This worked to my advantage since I majored in computer technology on campus. However, it also created some level of instability in the internet service provision industry. An instability that pivot networks later came to fix as detailed in this business review.

Two dynamics shifted significantly: the cost and value of internet subscriptions. This change resulted in an unprecedented change in the correlation between price and the value of internet subscription services. In this case, we measure value in terms of speed, reliability, and availability among other attributes of ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Let’s walk through a rather short story.

A Short Story

After completing my campus finals, I knew what I wanted to do. I moved to the big city (Nairobi) in search of greener pastures. At the time, my friends and I had a promising start-up company we sought to take global. The thing with ICT personnel is the need to remain up-to-date which means spending most of your time browsing and I was no exception. While on campus, I had managed to set up my own WiFi but in the city, I was a bit skeptical. I needed to have a reliable internet provider so I tried several.

These internet service providers had several things in common: high prices but reliable or low prices but unreliable. These were the main attribute of these companies. But I was fresh from campus which meant that I was broke and trying to actualize our dream of an IT solutions company from scratch. Despite going to the office Monday through Friday, most of my work was online-based. I needed a reliable yet affordable internet provider ASAP.

Citing this problem and visualizing it as a challenge among most city dwellers, my colleague recalled a system he had created during our campus days. Using this system, he became an internet service provider that would deliver value to clients at affordable prices. Young and seemingly naive, most prospective clients never took this system seriously until it blew up to become one of the most popular internet service-providing companies in several neighborhoods.

It served our needs of an ISP that provides reliable internet at affordable prices. Let’s break this company down and see why every landlord in Nairobi and its environs needs its services.

Family Set-up

People working in the city prefer living within the city’s limits. With the computerization or rather automation of most work operations, most of these working family men and women have been compelled to install WiFi in their apartments and residential houses. As a matter of fact, internet access has become mandatory for a majority of the population.

But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Family packages are most often very expensive. What if there was a company that understood the need for reliable yet affordable family packages and delivered on the same? What if?

The good news is that there is. Pivot networks identified this need and came up with a system that meets these needs. Their family package supports all family’s internet needs at affordable prices. Netflix, cocomelon, cartoons, and kid’s shows name them. You can stream these shows at very affordable monthly prices. Mind you there are weekly services for these services as well.


During my days on campus, internet was one of the most expensive bills I had to pay. I wish pivot networks was operational and deployed back in those days because it would have saved me a great deal of money. The student’s package is the best best. Mind you, parents can even create packages for their kid’s devices if they choose the student’s package rather than the family package. However, pivot networks must cover the area where each individual resides.

When I first started using pivot networks, I only had my phone and PC (personal computer). As a result, I used the student’s package despite being a civilian. Once pivot networks become your ISP, expect this and much more.

I mean, check out these packages. I’ll do you one better, visit their website by clicking here and see their rates.

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