8 Hours of Bliss

A while ago, I came across this quote “Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, and helps you live longer.” I didn’t think much of it probably because I’m not a believer in all the quotes I read on the internet. I have been sleeping alright for close to three decades. Most of this time, I wasn’t sharing my bed with anyone, and now that I do, nothing much has changed, or so I thought. I’ve always been enjoying my 8 hours of bliss either way until four days ago when something changed. It changed my mind as well as my beliefs.

Two days ago, my business partner and I had a meeting. I had been attending to one of those nagging clients all morning so we scheduled the meeting for that afternoon. I hurriedly left my house after assuring my wife that I wouldn’t be gone for long. “I’ll be just a couple of hours,” I had said. But the meetings took longer than expected because one of the guys we were meeting came late. He had been stuck in the rush-hour traffic for close to three hours. We agreed to carry on with other commitments and save the inconveniences for last.

Long story short, our meetings lasted till late that evening. By the time we concluded the meeting, it was half-past nine o’clock. I took a cab and got home half-past ten o’clock. This was past my son’s bedtime so I knew for a fact I wasn’t going to tack him in that night. But my son wasn’t the only person asleep. The sitting room lights were on but there was no activity. Apparently, my wife was also asleep.

This was heartbreaking. I gently pushed the bedroom door open and tiptoed in with no intention of waking the sleeping beauties. They looked so peaceful and I knew that I’d wake them by sliding into the sheets. I was not in the house most of the afternoon which meant that Junior had not had his afternoon football-time with daddy. Waking him would be catastrophic because he’d want to play with his old man.

I walked out of the bedroom as slowly as I had walked in and jumped into the shower. It had been a tiresome evening and since we had not addressed all our commitments, I looked forward to similar stress the following day. I conceive most ideas while in the shower and this night was no exception. It was during the shower that I decided to spend that night in the guest bedroom. I didn’t see the need to wake the sleeping beauties. Besides, I needed my 8 hours of bliss before the following morning. That night I would be sleeping alone for the first time in close to four years.

I slid into the sheets a few minutes past eleven o’clock hoping to fall asleep immediately. It has been a stressful afternoon and the fatigue was killing me. Adding fatigue to the two beers I had gobbled down during the last meeting, I was sure that I’d fall asleep real quick. But that wouldn’t be the case. I tossed and turned for the next two hours switching it up with scrolling through social media.

I fell asleep at around half past two in the morning and was awake by half-past five. My prospected 8 hours of bliss turned into 3 hours of a stormy night. I felt more fatigued than I had felt the previous night. I walked out of bed, down the hall to the kitchen. My body was yearning for a cold drink so I gently opened the fridge and poured myself a pint of cold tropical juice. I figured cooling my body would help me sleep but it didn’t work either.

After tossing and turning for a few more hours, I decided to become useful. I woke up, got dressed, and headed to the sitting room. I sat on the couch with my laptop on my lap and began working hoping to decompress my pipeline. With only three hours of sleep, my eyes were itchy. I was not well-rested so my head was not in the game. As a result, I could barely get anything done. I lazied around for a few hours till it was time to go and complete some unfinished business from the previous night.

The afternoon was eventful, hopping from this bank and into the other insurance group offices. My business partner and I did this all afternoon. We managed to finish running all our errands that afternoon till late in the evening. Due to the lack of my 8 hours of bliss, I didn’t feel much like myself and often zoned out in the middle of important conversations. After these appointments, we headed over for what can only be described as a combination of lunch and dinner. After the food came celebratory drinks. We had achieved most of the goals we had set out to reach so a celebration was inevitable.

Citing that my head wasn’t in the game due to inadequate sleep, I wasn’t in the mood for a party. I only had one beer and a double shot of my favorite whiskey and excused myself. I needed to get home early that day so I had excused myself early that evening. However, I was later than nigh too because my cab driver and I were in traffic for close to one hour. By the time I got home, my wife and son were asleep. How could this be happening?

I was experiencing the greatest level of fatigue ever. I decided to take a shower and sleep in the guest bedroom yet again. Citing that I had barely slept the previous night, I hoped that I would fall asleep instantly. However, that night was not any different. I tossed and turned till the wee hours when I fell asleep. But not for long because I was awake four hours later. My eyes couldn’t adjust to the morning light sneaking into the bedroom through the corner of the window not fully covered by the curtain.

I woke up in a foul mood, one I had not had in a long time. My family woke up a few minutes later but wanted nothing to do with them. I was tired, sleepy, and experienced episodes of mood swings. I had never experienced something similar so I didn’t know how to handle it. To curb my bad attitude, I confined myself at my work station doing nothing meaningful hoping time would pass. That night, my son slept in his room while I slept where I belonged beside my greatest love.

I finally got my 8 hours of bliss that night. The following morning I woke up fresh and relaxed ready to resume my daily routine. I had earlier disregarded the quote saying the same but I had confirmed some truth in the quote. I justified the hypothesis. Do you agree that you sleep better beside the person you love? Share your views in the comment section below.

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