I’ve always wanted to be part of large movements or rather what we commonly referred to as cliques back in high school and on campus. However, I never quite fit in these groups for one reason or the other. In most cases, my connection to these cliques was slowly severed off and I went back to being on my own. I tend to enjoy my company. However, the older I grew I realized that I needed at least one person in my circle for mutual benefit. Since I never quite fit into cliques, I formed the habit of only having one friend around. As time passed, I came to understand the true meaning of the phrase, “it takes two to tango.”

Over the years, I have come to learn that relationships are only meant for two people. This is my hypothesis that stands to be justified and I hope to justify it in this article. I have come to learn relationships thrive when two people are in a mutual understanding. When a third party is introduced, chances are that the relationship doesn’t stand tall for long. I know what you’re probably thinking. I’m only saying this because I’ve been rejected severally and this forces me to find something that works for me. You’re probably right but I can neither confirm nor deny. Besides, right and wrong are relative but that is a conversation for another day. For now, we will focus on justifying my hypothesis on why it only takes two to tango.

Let’s begin with the most important justification, love. How many people can you genuinely love simultaneously? Several people, right. But we can only love those people in different capacities. For instance, you love your parents each in different capacities. The same applies to your blood relatives. You can’t love them each in equal measure, right? How about strangers. By strangers, I mean your significant other, best man/maids and business partners. We love them each in different capacities. What happens when you introduce somebody else in their place?

You can only have one best friend. Each time they act differently towards you, you are bound to find another person. But I have often found it challenging to have more than one person fitting a love role. I always believe that relationships are sacred. A connection between two people who love each other in whatever capacity is as unique as a fingerprint. With each new connection in a similar capacity comes a unique bond between the two parties. I’ll make it simpler by breaking down a romantic relationship.

I strongly believe that the phrase, “it takes two to tango,” first came to be in the context of a romantic dance. From this context, I also believe that a romantic relationship should be between two people who genuinely love each other. The relationship is the sacred dance. That’s why nature, fate, or whatever you call it has a harsh way of treating people who break this sacred dance. Let’s face it.

Anyone who disrespects their union with their companion is subject to judgment. Life or Karma (depending on what you believe) has a way of delivering judgement and justice from all corners of life. This happens whether we acknowledge it or not but let’s face it, it always happens. Let’s take an example where you cheat on your partner and get away with it. Breaking up is inevitable or so I believe.

This does not happen for romantic relationships only. It happens to all kinds of relationships because as I said earlier, each relationship is unique and sacred. Anyone who violates the relationship by introducing a third party always stands to lose something. The two partners in each relationship share a mutually inclusive goal. The phrase it takes two to tango takes another stronger meaning with this realization. Both parties benefit from the relationship and this brings me to the next point.

We are always having big ideas. We are unique and geniuses in our own ways which mean we have different thoughts and consequently different innovations. Consequently, we commercialize on these innovations thus making them inventions. But despite our unique brains or rather mindsets, not all of us become successful. The main reason for this is that the people we share our dreams or ideas with often kill them off prematurely. Each time I have a big idea, I feel the urgent need to share it with a friend to get their viewpoint. Two things are bound to happen when I do this. The person I share the idea with can either agree or disagree with me. The more people I share the ideas with the more feedback I’m likely to get.

From a business point of view, inventions are only successful when two people run or rather manage them. I have had different business adventures over the years. One where I was alone, one where I collaborated with several people and one where I collaborated with only one trusted partner. Several years down the line, only one business is successful. Guess which business survived.

You’re probably right or wrong. The only thriving business is one where I only had one trusted business partner. This can only happen if trust goes both ways and this isn’t always the case but we learn from our mistakes. I acknowledge failure but I have a rather different approach to the same. Each time I fail at something, I consider it to be a lesson on how to do things better the next time. That aside, one important thing stands out about a business managed by two partners. In either case, whether the business is winning or losing, the two partners divide the outcomes equally between themselves. I find this more fulfilling compared to the chaos and blame game when several partners are involved.

Decision-making is also a 50/50 ordeal. The partners either agree, disagree or agree to disagree. Either way, the decision-making process is quick, efficient and effective. I hate wasting time so this analogy always works for me. You see how easy it is when we embrace the analogy that it takes two to tango.

Most things in this world come in pairs. This can be confirmed from a biblical, mythological, scientific and philosophical point of view among other viewpoints. In Noah’s ark, he saved the creatures in pairs to facilitate reproduction in the next life. hahaha. I can’t believe I made this reference. But it also justifies the phrase, “it takes two to tango.” The fact that Noah saved the creatures in pairs shows that we survive better when we are in relationships of two.

I can go on citing other cases but the facts all justify the phrase mentioned severally in this article. It only takes two to tango. Do you agree with my analogy? Drop your views in the comment section. Also, it will mean the world if you share my posts with your friends and check out our e-book section. Adios.

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