The Weirdo

If people don’t understand something, they criticize or brand it as weird. If they don’t understand you as a person, they will refer to you as a weirdo. This is a language that is often considered law in the streets. You’re probably wondering how I got the idea or how it came to be. I’ll tell you a short story.

What do you do when something is bugging you? I’m talking about bugs because I encounter these tiny creatures each day of my life. If you don’t understand where I’m coming from, I’m a web developer so these crawlers are always all over my business. To get my mind back to perspective, I often take a stroll most evenings but the paths have a habit of leading to this bar or the other. I have a beer or two and the number sometimes rise to four beers when there’s more to my problems than just regular bugs.

This evening was no exception so I walked into my regular spot for a beer while I looked at the stock market. It might have been late to be reading through the newspaper but I had been so busy throughout the day I hadn’t had the chance to early that morning. I gobbled down my first beer so I ordered my second and hopefully my last beer for the night. My regular attendant wasn’t paying much attention to me as she was busy taking an order in one of the cabins and being called to another. I kept waving but for some reason, she didn’t attend to me. That was when a guy sitting on the counter aid something that took me aback.

“The weirdo in a denim at the dark corner needs another beer,” the guy said to the attendant handling cash. He was a regular at the joint since I had seen him severally. Regulars at the bar always know each other and develop some mutual respect despite never having any form of communication. Well, apart from the occasional eye contact and nods. He probably didn’t expect me to hear that due to the loud music in the club but I heard him loud and clear. It was during one of those occasional pauses when the mix master attempts to say something funny. Or rather, something they think is funny but truth be told they all have a personal sense of humor. Or maybe people in the club are too deep in thought to have any sense of humor.

The guy realizes her mistake for referring to me as a weirdo because he looks at me apologetically. People have referred to me as a weirdo or worse severally. However, this was probably the only time it has bugged me. But let’s look at the facts. It was on a Tuesday evening and I was here gobbling a bottle of beer like it was an energy drink or something. I was in hurry and felt the need to blow off some steam. Or rather pump some steam into my body if you know what I mean.

While everybody in the bar sat in twos or more, I sat in a corner alone. I was busy perusing through the standard nation e-paper carefully scrutinizing the business section and disregarding all political news. The reference however bothered me probably because I had not seen anything wrong with what I was doing.

I mean, I was just a guy spending his time off sipping one of the greatest inventions by man, alcohol. Probably he couldn’t understand me but I understood him alright. You see, there are different categories of drunkards. First, the addict who comes in the bar or club to meet their urges for a pint. They drink anything and everything and are prone to misbehaving. Second, there’s the guy who has had a rough day and just wants to sit quietly and review the occurrences of the day. They often have a preference and rarely misbehave.

Third, the guy who is killing time to get away from their family. They can’t stand family members and want to go home straight from work. Fourth, there’s the guy who drinks because he made drinking a bad habit probably due to a bad trauma in their lives. They believe that drinking a beer or two is better than therapy so they stack to this routine. We all have a “pretty shade of dark” phase in our lives. The phase that turns the innocent and sweetest people into occasional beer consumers.

I fit in the second and fourth categories. I don’t mind drinking alone because drinking is part of my decompressing mechanism. Contrary to most who drink to escape their problems, I go to the club expecting to drink my two beers silently. In a world that is slowly succumbing to noisy and loud people, I prefer silence. Mind you, the idea to write about myself, the weirdo, came about while I was sited there waiting to be served.

My point will all this mumbo jumbo is, don’t judge or brand people if they do things differently. You might not understand why they do things the way they do but they have justified reasons to do it. There’s always more to people than meets the eye. When I learned this, I rarely have problems when dealing with people in any setup. I learned not to judge people, instead, I understand that each person is dealing with their demons. Whether I’m in a restaurant and a person chooses to neglect the fork and knives choosing to deep dive using their hands. Or in a bar and a person is drinking alone while scrolling through their phones. I understand them all and so should y’all.

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