Living a Fantasy

Current day life is far away from being real. Noone is really real to him or herself and also to others. If then there are then a very small percentage do. I really do admire how we all live trying to show how flawless we are in our endeavors. Yet deep down we are actually suffering to do what we do to mask ourselves. This is an issue that is greatly affecting our relationships both romantic and social relationships and above all our financial relationships. It’s dumbfounding how we force a false impression on the public in order to get what may be confused for class and recognition from the members of the public. More randomly we see life experiences and then later see great regrets. This is mainly because most people are living a fantasy. Let’s take a quick reality check.

To start off with social relations in the present day, we are more of clout pleasers, often judged by what we do. Clad great, speak great, drink great, party best but forget to live best too. Often, we find ourselves trying to copy lifestyles that we think are best and which actually aren’t. Some go to the extent of cutting off those they think can’t match their class. They later make ties with those of a class they think is theirs. This is randomly mistaken for ego due to layman’s understanding of the word among Africans. This results in a grudge that grows from those that grew with the victims feeling the loss of one of them. They end up making vows to reciprocate the effects and for sure they don’t end u smart.

This won’t be in regards to the reason you did all that either to seem attractive, wealthy, classy, or whatever one’s reason was. After all, you are the one who knew the reasons. To the emotional relations, often we do date or else flirt for fun, rush for what is said to the achievement of courting then abort the courtship. But why? Looking deeply at the African nature of the teens’ behavior, there is a group of teens commonly said to be good. This group is so eager to testify to the said facts one by one. This leads to unsaid effects of it all ranging from pregnancies, an increase in contraction of STIs, school dropouts, sadly to uncountable abortions.

This is said to be a lesson. But I would say it’s hardly learned since some of the females who are actually victims of it indulge themselves in the same behavior sooner rather than later. This may be triggered by a number of reasons, ranging from fetching cash, a classy feeling to be dating, fitting into a certain group of teens, and definitely having ‘fun’ at will is also a great flex. This doesn’t only affect the females in it but the males as well to a point of a guy fathering quite a number of kids either alive or aborted but owns none to the core of care and providence. This leads to much in return including murder as commonly reported, as well as suicide among the teens.

The other area is that of monetary fantasy. It’s all evident that African countries being most of the third world countries are really growing in terms of economies. But there are huge numbers of people struggling even to provide a meal to their little families. This leads to over-dependency on one member of the family as the breadwinner. This either doesn’t end well. With this we find most individuals taking menial jobs to earn a living. Contrary to expectations these individuals rarely save up any amount. This comes with a common phrase, ‘Leo ni Leo asemaye kesho ni mwongo ‘. This, of course, implies that what you get today should serve today and not tomorrow. These kinds of individuals end up getting drunk, spending on classy stuff &clad, and heading for raves. But when the little income is unavailable, they beg and live miserably at the expense of their past experiences.

Into relational fantasy. We are living in a world where a majority of teens are engaged in romantic relationships. This however is rarely genuine as is mainly based on a sort of infatuation or rather peer influence. This may lead to lots of repercussions ranging from early and unwanted pregnancies to the spread of STDs. The reason behind such relationships will be mistaken for love and affection which is true to infatuation.

All in all how difficult is it to live in the reality?

Is living in the reality too difficult to do?

This is one of the reasons leading to suicide, murder, depression, and so much more.

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