You don’t have to be involved to notice the whole circus, all you have to be is keen enough. If you are not keen enough-you cannot suspect, if you suspect then you cannot prove but when you prove it the events will live in your mind rent free and haunt you for some long time
Its Friday evening and the party mode in campus has just kicked off and every man is walking around with the better half for the day (no relationships last out here). Some have gone to enjoy the night outside the school but there are of course those who prefer to stay in their hostel rooms and enjoy music. Do not be blinded though, it’s not a matter of lacking what to do for most of them, it is actually their preference because they are waiting for a service from the campus sex worker. She is just a regular and typical university girl but the nature of her work is one of the most guarded secrets by her clients unless you want to join the bandwagon.
Just after darkness has set in, she appears from nowhere then looks around to see if there are people who are watching her. When she realizes there is none she starts her “tour” of the male hostels. She is carrying a box of chocolate bars to sell which is illegal to do in the school property but that is just a disguise. Tucked away underneath the box is another box of condoms for the routine. The pricing of the service is personal depending on the kind of service needed. Her most trusted clients even get a discount on service and referrals. It can range from as little as 100 shillings for a quick one to up to 1000 shillings if you want her to stay for the night
She enters the first room then leaves out seems her usual client was not interested this day and has gone to enjoy the night somewhere in a different way. If the usual client is not around she will pretend that she was just selling the chocolate bars and move on to the next room in her own order. Only she knows her regular clients and if you want to be a new client you must be referred by a current client. You are probably wondering what happens when her clients have company. She will use the same mechanism of trying to sell the chocolate bars but the usual client must buy the bar. This is a sign of sorts by both of them. The client agrees that he wants the service and she acknowledges that she is on that day alone in her room which he knows (her roommates seem to be out for the weekend) and therefore the guy should sneak in later as usual. If she denies to sell, then she has company in the rooms also. There is a rumor that her advisers have seen it wise that she starts serving other girls since it will be easier and more private.
In the next room, she stays for a little longer and comes out while adjusting the position of her clothes to make sure that they are in the perfect way. Then the routine repeats until she is tired for the day or her clients are over for the day of which she appears into the darkness just as she came to serve some people in her room.

By Ansias

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