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One of the most contentious issues in the world if not the most contentious has to be around Sexual orientation and Gender identity. The concept is as broad as it can be but the main issue relates to same
sex marriage. Something cannot escape anybody’s eyes though, Most of Africa is still very resistant when it comes to the legalization of same sex marriage. To realize that you won’t have to search far.Not former president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta saying publicly on CNN that the country’s focus is not “such things” or Yoweri Museveni terming is at disgusting. What has captured the attention of netizens recently has to be Sam George, a MP from Ghana having a brutal exchange with Larry Madowo on CNN about the same. To some he put Larry in his place or the absolute opposite. Whichever way you see it depends on what side you stand, I guess.

“Homosexuals are disgusting”

Yoweri Museveni

In Somalia, Somaliland, Mauritania and northern Nigeria, homosexuality is punishable by death But we all know the western nations warmed to this a long time ago and it is very surprising to them indeed how fully democratic countries would limit the freedom of its citizens. The major question is probably on who is right and to answer that we have to flip both sides of the coin.
Shall we?

History and arguments

First things first and the big Q is whether gay marriage is natural or not. To prove or to not prove that is not easy as different scientists argue differently. In the interview with Yoweri Museveni he categorically
says that his team of scientists conducted experiments and proved that it is indeed not natural. Some people argue that it is a subject of nurture-the idea that exposing an infant to certain conditions may
prompt them to exhibit some characteristics. The pushers of the nature agenda which are the same that
push for the legalization of gay marriage argue that saying that nurture changes nature is already admitting that nature exists.

Furthermore, people are just coming to terms with the concept of gender identity which is the idea that people can be physically male but feel that they are in fact female.The simplest explanation to an otherwise complex phenomenon is some children displaying characteristics of an opposite gender.

Gender identity is the personal sense of one’s own gender. Gender identity can correlate with a person’s assigned sex or can differ from it


The major battleground is on the factors of culture, religion and freedom. The African culture doesn’t contradict much to what the main religions (in Africa) have to say about same sex marriage. Christianity
and Islamism alike forbid the same. The African culture places emphasis on the continuity of family lines which is hindered greatly by this kind of marriage. Culture unfortunately is passed through generations and the older generation have made sure they’ve passed the message and the cause of unfamiliarity can
be traced back to that. On the flip side there have been reports to suggest that homosexuality existed in
Africa even before the pre-colonial period. Most notably by an article by Al-Jazeera America in 2015.

According to the article Kings of old African kingdoms were “awarded” men to mate with at special ceremonies .That puts a dent in the cultural mindset and leaves us with more begging questions; What if there was actually a trace of homosexuality in Africa yet we have been convinced otherwise?, If there was, then where did it all fade away?.

Surprisingly enough matters of economic development have found a way into this somehow; it’s always
everywhere apparently. The no-team have got themselves a strong point here. When there is no offspring the population will slim down and the human capital necessary for economic development will
be limited. The possibility of losing even a single unit of human force freaks the development freaks alot. In as much as this is a valid point the obvious argument against this has to be that not everybody
can/will be gay. To the yes-team this is just a diversion tactic to continue infringing the freedoms of citizens. To them a base economy for development is the United States of America and yet they are an
economic powerhouse in the world while also legalizing gay marriage.

How illegal is it though in Kenya…

It is more fascinating to evaluate how much of the law is being actualized. In the recent past there have been several high profile people that have come out to say they are gay yet no action has been taken.Eric Chimano of the boy band Sauti Sol is one of those that have declared publicly and it is also worth examining into celebrated female musician

Fena Gitu comments on her socials alluding to her attraction for people of the same gender. Vanessa Chettle and Noti Flow’s relationship is rather clear to every eye as they post pictures of each other frequently. With all these it is funny to think that the government or the people tasked with following the same have not noticed. The general thought among people is that the government is warming to the idea but are reluctant to come out in the public lest they face backlash which is expected because majority of the citizens are not for the idea.

Where do we go from here?

When it’s all said and done, there’s no way a midpoint can ever be reached especially because this is an issue that pertains to culture and not opinion. . The African society is still far off in terms of civilization let’s be honest and but there is hope that someday everybody will embrace same sex marriage. The major consolation though is a video of the current American president Joe Biden speaking against gay marriage sometime in the early 2000s; he can’t say the same words now, look how he turned out. It’s after all true that time can be a master healer.

Somebody will have to carry the day and because we only have to live with one and I strongly feel the whole world will have to change their view and give everybody the chance to exercise their freedom. But before that brace yourself because the battle between the supposed moral chiefs and the freedom fighters is going to take a long time within which words will be said and blows will be exchanged.

By Ansias

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