This week has been quite eventful. From Ugandan commander saying he can capture Nairobi in two weeks, Vera Sidika goes back to default, Ambrose Rachier says he is free mason, President William Ruto lifts ban on GMOs and Kenya Kwanza declared majority in parliament. These are the summaries of the Kenya weekly stories.

Ugandan Commander says he can capture Nairobi in two weeks.

Ugandan army commander  Muhoozi Kainerugaba recently said he could capture Nairobi in two weeks in a series of posts on his Twitter account which have since been deleted. The son to the Uganda president is the commander of the infantry forces. He also added that he could not comprehend why former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to leave power so easily when he could have stuck to it. The commander posted the obscene comment on Twitter and netizens were keen to rush in and rebuke him. The comments also made a fuss in political circles as several Kenyan politicians came out to answer him.

The patriotic spirit of Kenyans came out to play as even politicians aligned to the Azimio coalition like Embakasi East MP Babu Owino came out in an interview to say downplay those claims. In rather juicy words the Embakasi East lawmaker likened Muhoozi to an ant trying to rape an elephant.

The famous KOT did not leave anything to chance and made it a twitter war against the Ugandans. We know it always ends up really. Is there something to be worried about? Is the East African community crumbling? Only time will tell.

The commander has since been relived of his duties as infantry commander but given another role as a general. He is widely considered to be the heir apparent to his father even though Museveni his poised to run another time in 2026.

Ambrose Rachier admits he is a member of free mason.

The Gor Mahia Chairman revealed that he is a free mason in an interview conducted by Duncan Khaemba featured by Ntv on Sunday. He was keen to deny rumors that they were interlinked to any other religion and pointed out that they were likeminded people from several religions.

He pointed out that there are several high profile people who Kenyans can be surprised to find out are members of the religion. His family members have come out to dismiss claims that they have suffered as a result of his confession. In an article published on Nation and even seconded his claims that they have known it along. Find the article here https://nation.africa/kenya/news/ambrose-rachier-s-family-reacts-to-his-revelation-of-freemason-ties-3971576

Rachier has served as Gor Mahia chairman for close to a decade and half in a stint which has brought them considerable glory on and off the pitch. The club through its secretary general have issued a statement to distance the club from Rachier’s personal life.

The Executive Committee members, players, employees and the mighty Gor Mahia Football Club want to assure our fans that we are not part of the Freemasons Society and that our chairman’s affiliation to that society is a personal journey as attested in the media

Gor Mahia Secretary General Sam Ochola.

The interview sparked a lot of issues online with his business associate cum Rarieda parliamentarian Otiende Amollo coming out to state that the comments by Rachier were on individual basis and did not reflect the general view of their law firm, Rachier and Amollo LLP.

Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna was keen to refute those words by Otiende. He opined that Otiende was also a member of the cult and gave evidence of both of them wearing a ring on their right hands. He also added that if Rachier didn’t consider being a free mason illegal then why should it be kept a secret.

The anticipation building up to the interview was however left unfulfilled as Khaemba did not ask him the questions that Kenyans wanted to know like who was their leader? Who finances their lavish lifestyle?

Vera Sidika goes back to default?

Controversial Socialite Vera Sidika posted a photo of her on Instagram claiming she had had an operation and lost the big butts that once made her famous… The pictures doing round on social media show that Vera has also lost a huge chunk of the weight. Vera took to instagram saying she had to undergo an operation citing health complications.

”THE REBIRTH …This has been the hardest phase in my life, Due to health risk, I had to undergo surgery. It’s Still very unbelievable But I’ve come to terms with it & learnt to love myself regardless.”

Vera on Instagram

Kenyans however seemed to be indifferent. They believe that this is a publicity stunt by the socialite similar to when she said she had gone back to being black just to release a music video within a week.

President Ruto lifts ban on GMOs.

Earlier this week president Ruto lifted the ban on GMOs in a move that has cause controversy. You can read the full article here.https://punchonpress.com/2022/10/04/kenya-lifts-genetically-modified-crops/

Kenya Kwanza declared majority in parliament.

The statement by the National assembly speaker came after a contentious battle between the two political sides. The former Bungoma senator said Azimio has 157 parliamentarians compared to Kenya Kwanza’s 179 which makes the president Ruto led faction clear majorities.

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