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Frankly speaking this is the time to make or break. A regime is under investigation for the wrongful running of Kenyan football-good for us, there is still the FIFA ban-terrible for us. Why do I say it may be a time to break it? I mean where were we before this power struggle started? We have made no progress and at their inception we were far much behind it has to be remembered so we are several years late. I know we don’t want FIFA to “get into our matters” but the ban hasn’t done us any good to say the least. We might pretend it doesn’t concern us but we all know what it means and we have witnessed the chaos around it. But we are not here to talk about chaos, the idea is to restore our glory. So shall we?…

It is true that Kenyan clubs don’t have the market appeal but we can work on that and this is where I think the government has failed us. Corporate clubs like Tusker and KCB are steering away from traditional giants and it’s not because of the money but rather because of the stability that comes with it. The government is the rule of law {am not pointing at dictatorship policies or maybe I am.} and when they decide to instruct some of the football related corporates to chip in then it won’t be wrong. There are a couple of corporates like betting firms who are gaining on the market but giving back is where they draw the line and instead support local businesses which is not bad but come on! That should not even be a huge task for the government.

But the big bull in the house is and still will be FKF and they have a huge role in ensuring the success of this phase. You know it was messed up when our guy said there is no talent in Kenya and that to him to was true because they made no effort to try to discover talents-word going round is that nowadays, to be talented needs you to be connected first. The government has a role here too but there is just not as much as the body needs to do.

The Key Priorities for Kenyan football right now.

These should be the priorities;

1.Make peace with all the clubs and other stakeholders that have been done dirty by this regime to give the federation its confidence.

2.Improve the levels of coaching and get more people in to do the badges. Together with clubs they should set up a scouting network talented football players and yes our guy was wrong we’ve got talent and maybe one better than some of the best. This will surely mean football academies for this clubs-we have to create a Kenyan system.

3.Improve the Kenyan brand because we have to get sponsorship deals and without that we are going nowhere and should start at the super league level to put a clear and stable channel for teams that have gained promotion.

This is maybe the most important. Kenyan clubs lack business models and this has rendered them penny less at crucial times. How many times will we contribute for our big clubs to go play abroad? This is now a combined role of every stakeholder but it should be ensured that every club is a going concern. There should be a mandatory plan to make sure that clubs have relatable financial goals that should be achieved within a certain period of time maybe in 10-15 years every football club in the top flight should own a football Stadium-I’m not getting ahead, it’s possible

Without forgetting the greatest critics, the fans. Just take responsibility mate. How do you expect your team to perform without you showing up at stadiums? This is a big issue than it seems-we all can rant and exchange our views on social media but we don’t even watch the game. For what benefit?

If this happens we shall go back to the days when the Mashemeji Derby was still the best in the region.

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By Ansias

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