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They say in the modern world you only need a strong internet connection, a computer, and the ability to put in long hours to succeed. Well, that is most definitely the case when it comes to Academic writing. By my own estimation, I think academic writing is shadowing around 30% of the unemployed in Kenya which is a huge number. That’s why it is not strange to see a section of youths living a good life without being employed.

The question that most people ask is why is the “profession” not regulated by the authorities. In this case, the authority is the government.

Where does the government even start? It’s not like academic writing is done on the dark web or something like that. The academic Writing websites are there even if you search on google right now. The problem is that there are two jurisdictions where the systems operate. And two governments cannot collude to phase out the two parts of the system.

It is important to note that people develop clients online and with time they only communicate through WhatsApp or Email. How is the government going to deal with that then? Sometimes these accounts and websites are closed but new ones just keep popping up.

My friend who is a key stakeholder within that economy once gave me an interesting analogy. He said, “You see Ansi academic writing is like the bird that eats your cereals on the farm. Every now and then you come up with new solutions to combat them. You build scarecrows and do all manner of things and you deal with them. Only for a short while. Until they realize the trick and come back again and again. The only solution is for you to stay at the farm the whole day. Which we all know cannot be done”

Even if, and this is a strong if, the government were to find a way to regulate and tax the system then the returns would diminish. Several stakeholders and writers would try to find other jobs instead. The truth is that the lack of regulation is what makes the practice lucrative.

My honest thought is that the government of Kenya should not try to get into the sector. Academic writing is keeping a lot of people busy. There are residential areas that are powered by academic writers. Regulating the sector will mean a lot of people are left jobless and we will feel the strain of unemployment. With unemployment comes increased crimes and other social vices like prostitution which will have a negative effect on the economy. The matters of mental health and depression will also increase due to joblessness.

When you see somebody who is active during the night and sleepy during the day and has an antisocial nature, know that he/she is a beneficiary of the Academic writing system.

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