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This article is about Black Tax but let me introduce myself first.

I am a depressed man in a depressed society. That’s why every Monday morning I take time out of my depressed state to write something for people like me. To make them feel whole when they are alone and to let the sober appreciate being sober.

If you are new to this series you can should Episode 1 and Episode 2 first.

Black Tax in a nutshell.

Today I take a break from normal programming to discuss the following live story. It’s about black tax. The dictionary explanation for those who don’t know is the duty of a black child to support the relatives. The practical explanation is a little bit terrifying but I’ll try my best to paint a picture with this examples:

  1. It is when you sacrifice your pleasures to pay your parents bill because they are too old, retired and have no money. At all .Maybe because they retired and used their benefits for schooling your siblings or they were never even employed. In fact they used all the wealth to school you. You were an investment.
  2. It is when you have to pay for your siblings school fees not because you owe them but you are morally supposed to. Not because you want but because it is a must by some unwritten commandments.
  3. It is when you act as the link to all of your relatives because the society expects you to. That time when you forego marriage to satisfy the wants of relatives who constantly juggle living with you.

The inspiration to talk about Black tax

Social Media has become a place for everything including soliciting for advice. Recently one of the people with a massive following posted a private message with can be decrypted as follows:

Hello So and So, Please hide my ID. I am the first born in a family of five siblings. I have been lucky to go through education and secured a job (a well-paying one). But I have never known peace. My parents are sickly and the pressure to pay their medical expenses increases every day. To add to that I also pay for my siblings tuition. The pressure is too much for me as I cannot even enjoy the simple joys because I am not left with anything financially. I have since been diagnosed with clinical depression. I am asking for advice from your followers on how I can help my situation.


A little bit of my love for life died when I read this message. To advice the guy without being in his situation will not help anything. It’s complicated and to be honest he has to put the family first. Then comes the depression.

Battling depression is one of the toughest things and this I’m saying out of experience. And the fear to experience it frequently. I regret typing this but in some years if the guy doesn’t find the help he needs he might as well commit suicide.

I’m not advising anybody to commit suicide though. Seek help before it becomes extreme.

What can help us now?

Nothing. Nothing can help us get over this. It’s just the cardinal rule of being in an underprivileged society. We shall struggle and struggle till there is nothing left of us. Then the society will come and stare at the damage of their doing, mourn and pick another one to milk.

To those anonymous people reading this, the darkest hour is just before dawn.

By Ansias

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