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Brief History of the origin of the red thigh girl.

Among the Agikuyu people of Central Kenya exists a tale of the red thigh girl. The girl is said to exist among a specific clan in Muranga. The words may misguide you at first. Because you may think it is attractive but that’s how it’s meant to be. The men are supposed to never know until she marries the 9th one.  After all the other eight men have died that is. Legend has it that this type of girl exists in most communities across Africa most notably among a community in Nigeria.

The girl is said to have the “power’ to kill anyone who has sex intercourse with her or even marry her. Victims die within a short time after doing either of the above.

The cause of the “trait”

The origin of this story or reality is not known. But the cause has been subject of different analogies. Most people believe she is a cursed woman naturally and the gods punishes whoever has sexual intercourse with her. Others believe that the trait is inherited from the mother of the woman in question.

The most terrifying of the explanation of the cause has to be the third. It is said that a child born out of an intercourse when one of the relatives of the parents died will be the red thigh woman. It is not clear what will happen when the said child is a man.

The complexity of the matter is that the women don’t even know that they possess this character. Dangerously enough it is not easy for the men to identify this kind of women. The only way to know is after one or two of the girl’s victim has died anonymously.

To make it worse for the innocent men, the women are said to be very beautiful. They also have the charm to naturally attract men to them. But when the men realize it is game over. They lurk around waiting for their next victim. What’s more fascinating is the belief that this kind of women naturally prefer intense sexual interaction. As a result they drain the energy from the men they have sexual interactions with.

Is it real?

Witnesses have narrated their own experience with this kind of women. Some have said they have had friend who have died on the hands of this women. The red flag apparently came when men associated with an apparent red thigh woman started to die in mysterious circumstances.

Elders within the community have disputed this story. The story according to them was made up by the Agikuyu ancestors to deal with sexual morality.A section of other elders have described the story as a kind of euphemism. According to them,the term is used to describe the general character of women. The idea behind it was to discourage men from going after women who were seen as beautiful. Most ideally when the said man was married.

The red thigh girl story may be true or false. But what is clear is the terrific nature of the story. The nature however we may never know.

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