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I’m a depressed man.If you are new around you should know that  I post articles here every Monday to seek solace from the normal and my fellow depressed people.

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Topic of the day.

Today I found myself typing randomly without anything in particular in mind. Then it hit me. Why not talk about fake mental health advocates? I mean they are there. More than you think by the way. According to my estimation half of the people who go around claiming to be advocates or champions of this monster are just frauds.

How do I know?

It’s pretty simple to understand. I am an passive user of social media(the standards set on these platforms are so much for a person with a low profile of themselves). But over the past week I have managed to go through around 25 accounts on Twitter. I carefully selected people with a history of championing for “our cause”.

My evaluation criteria was to go through the Tweets, replies and media of every single one of them using Key phrases that are demeaning and detrimental to the cause. Basically I was looking for any sign of a “bully” by KOT standards. The findings will surprise you. Of the 25 accounts there was thirteen “certified bullies”. Don’t take this casually because there was a lot more. The “level and intensity of  bulliness” seemed to be high for established accounts with many followers. This means that the person you are likely to approach for help because of his influence could be a fraud.

You do have to realize that the other twelve accounts are not innocent. It maybe just that I didn’t have the capacity to find them.

Let’s not even get into organizations because I have a history with them. Organizations are worse let me just put it that way. God willing one day I may have to tell my plight seeking help for some of my friends with some organizations. I hope all of you will be here that day. I wish you will not have given up on life.

The Depressed Man’s take.

I am scared for my fellow depressed people. Most people in the world do not understand what you are going through. But when you think you have found the ones who can help you they turn out to be frauds. Where we are going as a people I still don’t understand.

This is scary. At a time when mental health is gaining traction is when we encounter problems. I understand though. This is the point when conmen are trying to take advantage of the innocent. To them they have spotted a chance to gain financially. What they don’t understand is somebody is losing emotionally and psychologically.

When we take one step forward to enlighten people on mental health some people take us three back. I am not mentioning names because I want them to realize themselves. But maybe soon if they don’t we will have to fish them out. This platform may not be as huge to help the situation but it normally starts with a voice.

When I decide to confront this particular people it will be for the greater good. You have to understand that I am annoyed. I am only half-depressed so I rarely seek help for myself. But there are people out there who are suffering yet somebody wants to take advantage of them.

But until then look out for yourselves. Approach only the people and organizations that you know are good for this cause. I will do my part as well. In one of the upcoming episodes I will post the organizations and people that I trust.

See you next Monday!

By Ansias

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