The beef between Tupac and B.I.G Notorious is an urban legend. But first things first..

R.I.P Takeoff.

The devastating news that renowned rapper Takeoff had passed away earlier this week shocked the entire world. The rapper was shot at a Houston bowling alley where he and Quavo, another member of the Migos, had gone to celebrate a birthday party. There hasn’t been a complete investigation into the shooting’s circumstances. Many people think that there was a fight over basketball or a dice game. In a video that has been circulating online, commotion breaks out, shots are fired, and then Offset is shown lying down while Quavo cries out for help.

What could be the issue?

This has reignited the debate over the extent to which the hip hop scene fosters violence. Since 1987, hip hop artists have been the victims of 60 known killings, according to Wikipedia. In fact, research done a decade or so ago found that slightly over 50% of hip-hop artists’ deaths were caused by murder. The fact that the artists pass away on average much younger than 28 is even more tragic.

Numerous factors, such as upbringing and culture may be thought to be the root of this detrimental effect. The conflict between the different artists must be the most common reason for the many deaths in the hip hop scene. Consider Nipsey Hussle, who was shot 10 times by Eric Ronald as a result of a personal dispute.

Conflict frequently occurs and adds flavor to the hip hop scene. When handled correctly, it brings the artists more notice. But when things go wrong, they are invariably fatal. The most well-known (or infamous) example of a feud gone awry involves Tupac Shakur and B.I.G. Notorious.

Beef: Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G

Hip hop enthusiasts from the latter half of the 20th century can’t discuss the genre without bringing up Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. The two are recognized as the founding fathers of modern hip hop. Tupac is reputed to be the greatest lyricist of all time, according to rapper Eminem.

When Tupac and B.I.G passed away at age 25 and 24, respectively, they were expected to have a bright future they did not fulfill ultimately. People have made assumptions about how much the two rappers’ quarrel contributed to their deaths. The fact that Notorious B.I.G. passed away less than a year after Assata Shakur, this is more plausible.

The origin of the beef.

They were initially pals. They supposedly enjoyed each other’s music because they thought it reflected their shared values. Then their friendship broke down. Tupac was once shot and seriously wounded outside the studio building and had his jewels stolen. Later, he learned that B.I.G. and another rapper were reportedly in the studio, leading him to believe they were accountable. Up until his passing, B.I.G. consistently denied being in charge of the incident. Tupac then changed his record label to Death Row Records, a decision that ignited the now-famous West Coast–East Coast feud of the mid-1990s.. The rappers’ friendship took a hit from which it will never fully recover. That was 1994.

Diss recordings were released as the feud between the two artists grew (the epitome of rivalry in hip hop). Tupac controversially claimed in one of his songs that he had slept with B.I.G.’s fiancée. That’s where it had reached.

Tupac shot…

In 1996, Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon were in a boxing contest in Las Vegas, and Tupac was just leaving the fight. Twelve rounds were fired into their car by a random car that stopped next to them. At the time, Tupac managed to survive, but the injuries he had suffered caused him to pass away six days later. B.I.G. was undoubtedly held accountable in some fashion. Who wouldn’t really? Beyond the beef, B.I.G. was a notoriously violent person. He had come from a low-income family and became well-known for his violent rap songs, which were a reflection of the life he had led. Because of his drug addiction and illegal possession of weaponry, he always had problems with the law.

B.I.G also shot..

In the middle of 1997, B.I.G was also shot at a drive-in. It has been implied that Suge Knight was responsible for his death. When Tupac was shot six months previously, he was the one steering the vehicle.

There are many unresolved questions as a result of the fact that the investigations into these two fatalities never really took place. The aura surrounding these two musicians was so strong that conspiracy theories have even hinted that Tupac in particular was not murdered. They claim he survived the assault and is currently residing somewhere hidden from the spotlight.

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