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The Tottenham Football Club was established in 1882 by a group of young people. For a team with such a legacy, Tottenham is falling behind its rivals in the number of trophies won. To put things in perspective, London rivals Chelsea were founded in 1905, but they are still miles ahead. In fact, Manchester United, a 20-time champion, is Tottenham’s “agemate” in the Premier League(formed in 1878). Spurs only have won one league championship in 1961. (31 years before the beginning of the Premier League). However, the North London team has solidified their position among the top English football teams around the turn of the century. In reality, Spurs have never ranked lower than seventh in the league since 2000.

Unfortunately, the praise ends there for them. Spurs haven’t won another prize in the modern era besides the league cup they won in 2008 after stunning Chelsea. That even Wigan won the FA Cup in 2013 is disgraceful.

Tottenham was most likely to win the Premier League in 2015–16. But despite having the unfavorable odds of 5000/1, it was Leicester who triumphed by stunningly winning the league. However, it can be insulting to minimize the past eight years at the London club. Mauricio Pochetino’s appointment in 2014 marked the beginning of the hope that ended before it materialized.

Mauricio Pochetino: The savior.

Nobody was shocked by Pochetino’s appointment because it was so informal. Additionally, he had developed a remarkable, aggressive squad at Southampton with Kenyan international Victor Wanyama as the center of the midfield. For the supporters of Tottenham, he was just another appointment, one of the 12 that the team had made in the ten years before. But he was unique; he put together a team with a good blend of youth and experience. Harry Kane’s development into one of the top strikers in the world is entirely attributable to him. He was perhaps the one who gave us Dele Alli, one of the best young players to ever play in the Premier League (It is disappointing that the career of the league’s two-time Young Player of the Year has ended in disgrace)

He was performing so admirably that prominent European football powers like Real Madrid and Manchester United had taken notice of him. But Poch didn’t move. The team and its members had captured his heart.

When he led the team to the first-ever Champions League Final in 2019 against Liverpool, his hesitancy and perseverance as a manager paid off. The squad deserved the experience, despite the fact that they didn’t succeed. Even more so, they had won against Ajax and Manchester City in the most spectacular ways to go to the final. They were unaware at the time, but the experience was over before it ever began. It was always going to be Daniel Levy making the decisions, as many supporters would have predicted.

The Shrewd Businessman at the helm.

Opinions on Daniel Levy’s job as Spurs chairman are divided. He is renowned for his savvy businessman-like attitude to football and for successfully guiding the team into a new contemporary stadium. But many others were shocked to learn that Mauricio had been fired. Mauricio’s poor performance in his final games as manager did not call for his dismissal. He was the manager who had assembled the team, for starters. But what matters most is that Levy is blamed for Pochetino’s failures. Levy has never been eager to spend money. Spurs had less than $ 100 million net spend when other clubs had net expenditures of above $300 Million.

After dismissing Pochetino, he adopted a new strategy. Jose Mourinho, the fiery former Chelsea manager, was hired. The partnership was doomed to fail, and it most certainly did soon before the league cup final, when Mourinho was unexpectedly fired. Then he made another change by appointing Nuno Espirito, the former Wolves manager. He seemed to desire to return to a time similar to Pochetino’s.That relationship was not to last either . Following just 17 games, he was let go. At that point, he turned to Antonio Conte, a proven winner.

Will Conte save Tottenham?

There are rumors that Tottenham had their sights set on Conte before deciding to hire Nuno. Several media outlets claim that they had already reached an agreement then the staffing problem came up. The management of the club was anxious to keep the number of new coaches that the Italian would bring in to a minimum. And Conte, being himself, inevitably declined.

He has always been the one that demands certain things be done a certain manner. Consider Chelsea, where he was fired for dissenting with management regarding transfer strategy, or Milan, where he left because his vision did not coincide with the owners’.

Early indications from his time at Tottenham point to a rebirth. At the expense of their rivals from North London, Arsenal, he led them to a champions league position last season.

After 13 games, they are now third in the Premier League and have just advanced to the Champions League knockout stages.

The resurgence of Arsenal and Guardiola’s consistently strong Manchester City provide the biggest obstacle for the team hoping to win the Premier League in the near future. Conte has a history of success, therefore I would anticipate them to win the FA Cup or the Carabao Cup sooner than everyone anticipates.

However, there is a bigger issue. Will Antonio Conte and Daniel Levy’s two egos get along?

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