My criteria for dealing with depression.

I have always mentioned on this segment that I am a depressed man. It’s not something that I am shy about. But I have also acknowledged I think it was the first episode that I don’t necessarily think I am as much depressed as the definition of depression would like me to be. It’s not because I am emotionally stronger but because of something else. Overtime I have taught myself some principles to live by in order to avoid sinking into deep depression. I see it fit to share this principles because it might just save somebody’s life out here.

The rules have been adapted from my own experiences and from books I have read on the same including The 12 Rules by Jordan B. Peterson.

1.Do not argue over opinions

This is as simple as it sounds but it entails a lot more. The world is a polarized place and overtime you will find people with ideas different from yours. The bottom line is they are just ideas-nothing else. In fact most people who argue about certain things don’t even believe in them.

Basically you should not strive to argue about what you cannot change because ultimately you will never know the truth. Most people who love football understand this perfectly (in football there is no correct side whatsoever). There is never the correct side of an opinion. And as you all know, when you worry yourself with what others think you sink more into depression.

2.Limit your expectations of people.

You have probably heard this a couple of times before today and rightly so. Most of us sink into depression because we expect people to come up for us during difficult times. That’s not going to happen. Human beings only care for themselves and themselves alone.

Instead have expectations for yourself and strive to achieve them. That is not to say however that you should let the society dictate for you whoever you want to be. Take life one expectation at a time and maybe then you will smile more.

3. Shy away from motivational speakers.

“I started my chicken farm with feathers” or “I built a multibillion company with a capital of 10,000”. These are crap. There is a middle story in the success ladder than we are not told by these people who make it to the top. Most of the things that happen to them are not even by their own doing. Yet they champion themselves as the masters of chipping out advice on everything.

If you listen to them you will fall into depression. You will question yourself about why you are not the  same as some billion age mate of yours.

4.Take breaks from social media.

Social media is filled with people living “the life”. But when you analyze them keenly you will find out that they are liars and scammers. They will give you a wrong perception of life and you will have low esteem. I don’t know how to emphasize this enough. You can check the last episode to understand how low self-esteem contributes to being depressed. It is the point at which you start have suicidal thoughts.

5. Exercise.

Exercise is not talked about much as a method for preventing sinking into depression. Exercise relieves you of thoughts that are making you depressed.

Release that tension and probably you will sleep better for one more night.

6. Consult an expert.

When you feel that there is something wrong in your life please consult an expert before things escalate. This is not only about depression it applies to any other type of medical problem that you might be experiencing.

On that note, I promised that I would be coming up with a list of the reputable organizations that deal in mental health in Episode 4. I have not gone back on my promise and very soon I will be posting the names here. Feel free to suggest any that you know of in the comments.

By Ansias

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