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The origin.

The aftermath of the COVID-19 has been really difficult for Kenya. The unemployment rates are high but the cost of living has increased astonishingly. The unemployed youths have therefore gone into stealing and robbery with violence because they are idle and with the inability to provide for themselves.  This has made the certain arears within the capital to be hotspots of being robbed and worse still being stabbed.

Doctors and staff at the Kenyatta National Hospital have noted an increase in the number of people admitted after being stabbed. Reports claim that between three and eight cases are registered at the institution alone. Lilian Munyua, a doctor at the KNH says the victims are mostly stabbed on the Thika Super Highway stretch around KCA University. Arears along Waiyaki Way and Allsops are also considered to be dangerous.

Reasons for the rise in insecurity.

Despite the known causes of this kind of this kind of wrong statistic it will be difficult to eradicate this problem. First of all the transport system in the city is so messed up that the city center is always crowded. This becomes a problem because the robbers can hide in plain sight without being noticed. Some people have told stories of how people have been robbed and stabbed when they see but they cannot do anything. The other problem that comes with crowding is the traffic jams. For a long time criminal in Nairobi have exploited the slow moving traffic to rob people from the windows.

Role of county government in adressing insecurity in Nairobi.

The newly elected Nairobi County Government seem to be reluctant in bring back security back to the city. Governor Sakaja did not give a conclusive manifesto on how he would curb the security issue once elected. Furthermore the security issue did not feature much in his address during his unveiling of the County committee members.

The Role of the national government.

There are claims that the criminals are acting in defiance after the disbandment of the DCI special force unit by the president. The government has also been at loggerheads with the DCI seemingly to settle a political score. But the effects of a weak force is being witnessed with the increased crimes within the Central Business District. A section of the police force have even admitted to going slow in at work for fear of the current government.

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Former internal security cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i has seemingly left a void as he was known to be very strict on such matters.  

It is important to note that the government has prioritized the installation of Wi-Fi in the CBD. The major query is who is bold enough to show their phones amidst such kind of security issues.

The other consequence.

These issues will obviously create problems for business owners within the CBD. People will be reluctant to shop in town for fear of being robbed. This will reduce the potential that the CBD has recently shown with issues such as the opening of the first Carefour Supermarket just this week.

Note of Caution

It is therefore advised that people be vigilant in the hotspot arears because the robbers don’t care whether its day or night. Those who are travelling with expensive items are items such as laptops are advised to use disguises.

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