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The best players always have the chance to showcase their skills during the world cup. Football players who “Do It” on the greatest platform of them all are indelibly marked in history. Diego Maradona and Pele, probably two of the best players to ever play the game, are two examples of these guys. One of the biggest controversies in sports surrounds the pair. Who had the edge over the other? As is customary, supporters have seized the chance to support the person they admire. The two legends have also in the past exchanged their judgments of one another in an uncouth manner . To understand this issue, we go through history.

From humble beginnings…

The two legends’ shared upbringing in different South American nations is the only thing they have in common. Legend has it that Pele’s family was so struggling financially when he was born in Sao Paulo in 1940 that they couldn’t even purchase a football. He was motivated by the fact that his father, who played football himself, was a big fan of his skill. He began making first team appearances for his childhood team Santos before he even turned 16 years old.

Diego Maradona, his bitter adversary, is comparable having been   born in Villa Fioriti in 1960 to low-income parents. Here, Maradona developed the dribbling skills that would eventually help him score a sensational goal against England in the 1986 World Cup by dribbling past a full half of football players. At just age 8, he began competing with Argentinos Juniors. He was not even 16 when he made the first team, like Pele. He played for the national squad in 1978, but due to his age, he was excluded from the world cup. The football world was already under his control, though, and he would conquer it.

Rise to the top.

In the end, the two characters accurately predicted how the two legends’ respective careers would end. Pele isn’t usually the one to stir up trouble.Even if he can sometimes be cocky.  But he can’t really be blamed for asserting his superiority. Not everyone enters a major competition at the age of 17 and performs astoundingly. Pele scored against Wales in the quarterfinals, scored a hat trick against France in the semifinals, and finished his tournament with a brace against the hosts, Sweden, despite missing the first two games. During his time with Santos, he scored more goals than any other player in football history (The number is disputed though it is approximated to be over 1000).

Diego theatrics..

Maradona, on the other hand, has a history of stirring up controversy. At the age of 22, he negotiated a transfer from Boca Juniors to Barcelona for a record-breaking sum. However, the partnership would not endure. At the Catalan Club for two years, Maradona did only ok. Considering that he was frequently on the physiotherapist’s table.

A future in Naples.

He was forced to move to Italy for yet another world record fee after a disagreement with the club president. In Naples, he would develop a cult following. He assisted a side on the verge of relegation in becoming a dominant force in Italy. He assisted them in winning five league championships throughout the course of his seven years in Naples.

His tenure in Naples is also connected to the 1986 World Cup, where Maradona was equally outstanding and divisive. He scored the “Hand of God” goal in the quarterfinal matchup with England before neutralizing it with a brilliant dribble from the halfway point. Maradona would only win one world championship, unlike Pele, who won three. Additionally, he would lose his crown in the 1994 World Cup when he tested positive for doping. This followed a contentious release of information about a cocaine addiction and connections to the Naples mafia.

Despite all the hullabaloo Diego Maradona and Pele are still legends of the game. They had little going on until the FIFA poll.

The controversial FIFA poll.

In fact, FIFA was forced to conduct a poll in 2000 to gauge public opinion as a result of the debate over who is superior. The findings indicated that Pele was significantly outfavored by the public compared to Maradona. However, it was asserted that the results were rife with recency bias. After all, only a small portion of the voters had actually watched Pele play. Therefore, the poll’s creators opted to honor both players. Despite the fact that Maradona was the clear winner, Pele received the FIFA football family award.

Diego Maradona and Pele Head On.

Up to his passing, Maradona never treated the situation lightly. He had always believed that the prize was subpar and was merely given to lift Pele’s spirits.

Pele would seem to be the one who is more experienced. But do not fall for falsehood. In this long-lasting feud, he contributed his fair share of outrageous remarks. To make fun of Maradona, Pele once ludicrously asserted that fellow countryman Neymar was superior to Messi. Remember that Neymar was just beginning to gain attention with Santos at this time. Even more astounding is the fact that Messi set a record that season by scoring 61 goals, winning the Ballon d’Or and Champions League.

Pele stated that he could only be compared to Maradona if he amassed more than 1000 goals during his career in an interview with goal in 2017.

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You might not recognize Pele when you see him dressed in a suit today as the same one who once terrorized defenses. Sadly, his adversary has passed away. The passing of Maradona from heart failure in 2020 brought sadness to the footballing community. However, his legacy will endure forever.

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