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The world cup is starting in four days and as expected Pundits have reached out with their predictions. “Super Computers” (at least not octopuses this time) have predicted a variety of winners. The favorite according to recent predictions are South American outfit Argentina guided by their talisman Lionel Messi. Who, though could realistically win the world cup?


An African nation would win the world cup before 2050, according to a prediction made by Brazilian icon Pele. The “prophecies” of perhaps the best player of the previous generation are still very far away from being fulfilled in Africa as things currently stand. In actuality, neither the semifinals nor the finals have ever been reached by African nations.

That is in part due to Luis Suarez, who with his goal line handball in 2010, denied Ghana the ideal opportunity to advance there. Asamoah Gyan might also be to blame striking the penalty on to the bar. But that is only an explanation. The fundamental cause is because Africa has subpar organizational systems from the Academy to the renowned clubs.

Additionally, there are allegations of corruption at the top African football regulating bodies. Because of how bad things are, political regimes have to become involved in how African football is run, as they recently did in Kenya. The continent shouldn’t even hold out hope for a world cup trophy this generation if the pattern holds.

The news that Sadio Mane of Bayern Munich may miss the match against the Netherlands has further hurt Africa’s chances of making it far in the campaign. Senegal, the top-ranked squad in Africa, relies heavily on Mane for his attacking exploits. Furthermore, the fact that Mo Salah’s team Egypt, missed out on qualifying makes it even more difficult to envision African teams progressing far.

The pressure is now on Cameroon, Morocco, Ghana and Tunisia to achieve the best possible for the continent.


We surely don’t expect a country that plays soccer to win a world football tournament.

Latin America.

We anticipate a Latin American country to compete until the very end of every world cup. With justification. Uruguay won the first world cup, which took place in 1930. Brazil, another nation in South America, has won five titles, which is the most ever. These countries have the opportunity to make amends at this competition having won the last one in 2002(Brazil).

The supporters anticipate that this time might be unique. We certainly don’t anticipate Ecuador or Costa Rica to challenge for the crown. Additionally, Mexico’s greatest effort is a few tantalizing saves from the ever-vigorous Ochoa.

Uruguayan ambitions,

One of the teams to watch out for is Uruguay. The team that includes Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez has a great balance of youth and experience. Uruguay fans will be content with Darwin Nunez, Ronald Araujo, and Fede Valverde’s chances for the future even if they don’t advance very far this year.

The rival favorites.

The odds on favorites to win the world cup are Brazil and Argentina. While Brazil may not have a Ronaldinho or a Ronaldo, they do have Neymar, who is eager to establish himself as one of the best. The PSG winger is entering this contest with a string of successful league performances. He will need Arsenal’s Martinelli and a revitalized Vini Jr to work effectively together in the attack.

However, the issues have always been in the defense rather than the attack. And Brazil will be struggling defensively in yet another tournament. If Silva and Alves are still playing at their physical best given their ages that is a question.

Argentina, a rival in South America, is their main adversary. The focal point of the situation is Neymar’s PSG colleague. Like Neymar, Messi has put his questionable performance from last season behind him and is off to an incredible start this time around. He has seven goals and ten assists so far. But as the saying goes, you are only as powerful as your weakest link, and Argentina is as weak as its strongest connection.

There is too much reliance on Messi, so if something were to happen to him (hopefully not), we might see something similar to what happened with Neymar and Brazil in 2014.

The two countries are in a good position; it is up to them to seize the chance.


All of the gamblers have put their money here. Why not?. France must be enticing, as they appear strong on paper, but the competition’s past implies they could be eliminated in the group stage as the defending champions (they themselves know it well enough after being knocked out by Senegal in 2002 as defending champions). They are not greatly helped by the fact that the dressing room has not yet settled.

Trouble in Portugal…

There is rumors of a possible dressing room breakout in Portugal. The causes may be connected to Cristiano Ronaldo’s conversation with Piers Morgan about Manchester United. The prospects of the star-studded team succeeding are limited if such is the case. Portugal is endowed with amazing talent, including the Manchester City trio of Bernado Silva, Ruben Dias, and Joao Cancelo, aside from the obvious name in Cristiano Ronaldo. Joao Felix of Athletico Madrid also seemed to be regaining his form lately.

England Maybe?

England are special. Despite having a large talent pool they always just show bits of brilliance and not the whole package. Gareth Southgate has improved them but there is no lying that they have fallen short ever since their loss in The Euro Finals. Their lack of identity brings a sense of Deja Vu with all the other English Squads that existed before this one. They will need more of luck than consistency to bring finally bring it home.

In my honest opinion, Germany are to erratic to be go all the way, Belgium’s golden generation is outdated, Croatia did a onetime wonder and not one more, Spain pass the ball too much to even score and other teams in Europe are not even worth a mention (respectfully).


Qatar should only participate for honors sake. Most importantly, They should focus on rectifying their controversial reputation.

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