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In this article we do a review of the World Cup so far.

Qatar Underwhelming.

The World Cup’s first round of matches is almost over, and the stage has seen plenty of unforgettable moments. Although it was anticipated that the hosts Qatar would generally play poorly, it was not anticipated that they would lose the first two games. Qatar was eliminated from the World Cup earlier than any other host nation in history. its elimination goes down into the history books. To put it mildly, their performances have been lackluster. Both Senegal and Ecuador destroyed them in the games they played against each other. The outcome of the hosts was determined by the draw between the Ecuador team, motivated by Valencia, and the Gakpo-dependent Netherlands. Qatar were so disappointing that some fans even left the stadium during the first game.

French resurgence.

At the World cup, there have been some amazing performances. Despite the injury to their star striker and Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema, France overcame their team’s tribulations by scoring four goals against Australia. Olivier Giroud, who replaced Karim Benzema, scored two outstanding goals to give the 2018 winners a chance to go to the knockout rounds. With 51 goals, Giroud has matched Arsenal star Thierry Henry as France’s all-time leading international goal scorer. Forth that victory, PSG forwards Kylian Mbappe and Adrien Rabiot also put in standout performances. The victory is a relief for France, who have been dealing with a number of challenges, including injury concerns and dressing room issues. In doing so, they intend to break “the curse”. The curse is a belief that previous Champions generally perform poorly in the subsequent World Cup.

Magnificent Brazil.

Brazil were predicted by experts and spectators alike to be the squad that would ultimately prevail in this event. The way they performed against Serbia is a blatant sign that the projections might be accurate. Despite not scoring in the first half, they controlled the ball in key areas and created issues the whole game. The Samba Boys eventually won 2-0 in the second half thanks to goals from Tottenham forward Richarlison Andrade on a tap-in and a ridiculous half-overhead kick. Neymar, though, didn’t perform as admirably as we have come to expect from him. However, Brazil now has the advantage of being able to rely on either the vivacious Vinicius or the cunning Raphinha this time round. They are the team to look out for in this tournament.

Argentina’s surprise.

On the other hand, their South American counterparts, who were astounded by Saudi Arabia, cannot say the same. Messi’s first-half penalty was negated by two quick goals within ten minutes of the second half. In light of the fact that Argentina was considered one of the favorites to win the tournament, this is one of the biggest surprises so far. This is suprising as th ey have a strong record going into this competition even eventually defeating Brazil to win The Copa America. If they are to make a run for the trophy, the final two games in the group stage will be critical.

Typical England.

So far, England has been typical. They defeated Iran 6-2 in their World Cup debut. Bukayo Saka’s two goals made sure that the Three Lions were into the following match as favorites and with their supporters chanting “It’s coming home.” But that’s not what actually happened. USA held them to a scoreless tie in a less exciting match, which led to fan ire and criticise of some important players. This is indicative of how the three lions typically perform at international events, when they alternate between strong performances and less-than-entertaining ones. They need to be less chaotic and more consistent if they want to go far.

Portugal inconsistency.

Portugal’s 3-2 victory over Ghana was their first victory. The Portuguese took the lead in the first half on a contentious penalty from the club less Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ghana responded through Andrew Ayew. Joao Felix and Rafael Leao eventually won them the game thanks to two assists from Bruno Fernandes, who stepped up in a crucial situation. Portugal will need to work hard if they want to advance further in the competition because they are not the type of squad that typically wins a world championship.

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