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    • Content Creation
      content creation This is a safe space for all content creators to share their experience, skills, and knowledge through their journeys. Everyone is welcome to share anything they are comfortable sharing. Let's engage, connect, and learn from each other. By content creators, I mean bloggers (blog owners), Vloggers (people with YouTube channels), freelance article writers and scriptwriters, social media managers, digital media marketers, and anyone who believes that they are content creators. Feel free to share and engage. Welcome one, Welcome All.
      We share our experiences:
      What are some of the things or experiences you have gone through as a content creator? How did these experiences make you feel? Were they good or bad experiences? Or Both? What advice would you give to upcoming creators seeking to venture into the field you dwell in?
      We share our lessons:
      What have you learned as a creator? Have you gained any new knowledge in this field? what are some of the challenges you have gone through as a creator? How did you overcome these challenges? Have you experienced criticism while creating the kind of content you create? How did you overcome criticism?
      Consistency and Persistency:
      Consistency and persistency are fundamental aspects of content creation. Did you find it hard to be consistent and persistent as a creator? How have you remained consistent and persistent? What helped you overcome these challenges, the "Grimm Reapers" that have seen most careers in this industry come to natural or unnatural death?
      How do you remain relevant in the industry? How do you go about generating new ideas to address? What is your content creation strategy? How has that strategy helped you remain relevant in the industry?
      Criticism is a fundamental aspect of life and livelihood as we know it. If you are never criticized then you are not doing something worthwhile. I stand to be corrected but this has been my belief for several years. What have you learned from critics in your line of work? Did that help improve you as a creator? If so, how did they help you improve yourself? What are some mistakes you think content creators make in the field of content creation?
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    • Leadership and Governance
      What is your take on the current leadership and governance in this country? What are some of the issues burning inside you? What's your take on the current political regime? Do you believe in the leaders in office? Will voting in new leaders bring change? Do you have a voter's card? Will you participate in this year's general election?   This is a safe space to share.
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    • Random Thoughts
      Random Thoughts There are some random thoughts about the society that affects us all. Let's address them on this forum. They vary from societal expectations, pressure from family/friends, peer pressure, etc. Let's engage.
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    • Self Improvement
      self-improvement Self-improvement should be everyone's priority. If any of us wants to optimize our potential and live the life we were meant to, then we must focus on self-improvement.
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