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      “Politics is a dirty game.” I have been hearing this statement or rather phrase for so long but I never gave much thought to it until now. I mean look at our country. All sectors are in chaos. The economy is a mess. The prices of most if not all products and services have gone up. Look at gas for example; both cooking gas and fuel. All because individuals have chosen to share the nation. Everything that is being done or rather going on in this country has a political objective.

      We cannot even vote for the leaders we desire because politics has become an unethical chess game with fixed odds. No one cares about anything provided their political agenda checkmates. Talking of voting, will it really change anything? I was on a bus the other day and two youngsters (they couldn’t have been older than 25) were discussing the impact of voting. The two youngsters believed that there is no need to vote. Their justification is that citizens aren’t electing leaders these days, rather the kings and queens on the political chess board are appointing puppets who will follow their orders no questions asked. What’s your take? Do you think they had a valid point?

      In whose hands are we safe, if I may ask? I mean, if these youngsters speak for their generation then the future is certainly uncertain. These are tomorrow’s leaders yet they are this helpless. They have lost faith in the system. Helpless as they are and sharing the belief that nothing can save the nation, they’ve lost hope. Seriously, where are we headed?

      I always stay out of politics and political conversations apart from the occasional pop-ins but now that I have thought about it long and hard, it’s worrying me. Parents want to leave a safe world for their children but I don’t think I can look my son in the eye and tell him that there is any safe world out there. People in government are politicizing everything and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Democracy remains to be an empty shell, a mere presentation of what it once was or rather what we believed it to be.

      What’s your take?

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