Pretty shade of dark


Pretty shade of dark

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Pretty shade of dark is a dramatic story that shows that our dark experiences shape or rather mold us to survive in the often-cruel society.


Pretty Shade of Dark – Our dark experiences shape or rather mold us to survive in the often-cruel society.

Part one – Typical Nerd on Campus

Campus is literally the ground zero of all sorts of character development…

Part Two – Jane Doe

She was a beauty probably prettier than in her pictures. She was short just how I like them 4’9 or

Part Three – Feels Great

She wore my white oversize official shirt and seemed to enjoy it. It was the only thing that could fit her citing my lean body…

Part Four – Bomb Shell

“I’m pregnant,” she said. There was an eruption of mixed feelings within me…

Part 5 – Miracle Card

I pulled my last resort card by calling my friend, or rather best friend at the time. Such kinds of conversations need a drink or two so we headed to one of the most common joints around

Part Six – Dominos

I returned the calls to find out that she had developed complications from the mishap…

Part Seven – Intermission

“A few weeks ago, she tried to trap me with pregnancy but I knew better,” he said…

Part Eight – Pretty Shade of Dark

“Okay. You win. It’s not my fault that you’re naive. I took advantage of you but a girl had to do what she had to do. What did you expect me to do? You were willing to take responsibility. I didn’t feel good about it but you helped me get through that phase of life. I will be eternally grateful. I’m sorry though,” she said.


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